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Critter & Guitari NTSC problems - need some help!
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Author Critter & Guitari NTSC problems - need some help!
Hey everybody,

I'm in the UK - just picked up a C&G VideoScope and RhythmScope.

Both units work fine plugged into my broadcast monitor (in NTSC mode)
But they're all messed up when I plug them into my Panasonic MX-50.

So I assumed this is because the mixer is PAL - I bought one of these converters

Tried converting the VideoScope to PAL before sending it to the mixer, but no luck.

Am I missing something obvious here? Has anybody successfully used C&G gear with PAL gear?

I've been reluctant to use the C&G video devices for this reason. I began working in PAL but that changed when I got a PAL-only monitor. I got a cheap PAL<->NTSC converter but I've only tested it on a CCTV camera and I wasn't impressed by the results. OTOH that won't matter so much for video feedback or the kind of output from the C&G boxes. Anyway, I've worked exclusively in PAL since then.

So I too am interested in this question.
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