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Ring modulator for contact mic junk metal
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Author Ring modulator for contact mic junk metal
Once again I am here asking for help to improve my eurorack noise machine.
Part of my setup is based in a metal object with a contact mic connect to Mutable Instrument Ears then processed through some modules ( for now a filter and distortion). To give more dynamic in my harsh noise set I am in the need of a Ring modulator module.

Which one is nice for this kind of processing? I found some options, but don't know which one works better for this kind of sound. I think some with internal lfo ( like moogerfoger ring modulate) seems to be a better option.

For the use of ring modulator I am trying to replicate think Merzbow in the early 90's (pulse demon, electric salad, green wheels, noiseembryo, etc.)

Any help will be very appreciated. Thanks a lot
if you can diy there is this very nice ringmod chip: ad633, farnell now makes an easy to use board p/2377769?CMP=KNC-GDE-GEN-KWL-G50-ANALOG_DEVICES&mckv=_dc|pcrid|160436 667784|&gclid=CLWgjPDEq9MCFRG6Gwodqb0AqA
it sounds very clean, which i think is what you want. even if you are doing 'harsh noise'
Thanks for the tip Felixer
The problem is that i can not diy. So an assembled module is the only option for me.
too bad, methinks it really does pay (and not only financially) to be able to make your own gear ...
the doepfer ringmod isn't bad. nothing sensational (and not quite as clean as a well built ad633) but ok, esp for the money!
microphone --> mutable instruments ears --> erica synths fusion ring modulator
The Fold by Synthrotek has a built in ring modulator, and you also get a wave folder. The kit is rather easy to build. Or you can get it assembled. If you go with a Disting you will find a ringmod and much more.
Are you not considering pedals? Only modules?
the line6 M5 (and prob others in that series) has a potent freq.modulator. works really well. i even sold myold ems one a i don't need it anymore.
Definitely pedals are an option, actually at this time more than modules, because my case is full and i have a ADDAC pedal integrator there.

I will check the Line6 M5 but recently the Way Huge Ring Worm pedal got my attention. Too bad the most videos i found in the net are with guitars, not many with synths. Does anybody have some experience with this pedal?
Frostwave Blue Ringer. Best RM pedal ever. If you can find one - buy it.

For Euro modules score an Oakley RM.
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