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FH-1 sync
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Author FH-1 sync
I'm having trouble using an FH-1 for modular sync from an external midi clock.
The trouble is that the clocked square LFO's are not starting in phase with the MIDI clock, or even the FH-1's A-H sequencer LED's. They start on different beats with each restart of the clock. I can use the phase control to line them up while the clock is still going but once restarted they are out of time again.
I have tried many different combinations of PW, lfo clock speeds, MIDI clock divisors, MIDI clock sources and ppqn settings but am unable to get anything reliable happening.
Does anyone have a solution for this?

To clarify, the LFO's are staying in sync, but they don't restart in phase with the clock.

Have you tried the setting

When set to 1, causes tempo-synced LFOs to stop when the internal clock and external MIDI clock are stopped.
Thanks OS!
Actually yes I even had that setting enabled. But turns out it was the delay from PEG's async rise time as well as an error using Max's transport that were throwing me out.
Big ups on this excellent module smile
Actually... while I have your attention. There's another thing I haven't been able to get my head around.
I'm unable to start the LFO's with a clock in X. Clock at X will start the sequencer though. OR if I start the clock with external MIDI I can disconnect MIDI and keep driving it with a clock at X. Is there a setting I am missing for this?
That's a bug. The setting mentioned above is conflicting with the LFOs taking clock from the X input. If you turn the setting off it should work.
Ah perfect. Yep all works. Thanks!
Hey Os

I am sending midi clock to the FH-1 from a Cirklon via USB. I read in the manual that I can output the clock pulses on the FH-1, but is it possible to somehow generate a reset trigger at an FH-1 output when I press play on the Cirklon?

Thanks - Andy
Amazing! ...Thanks so much Os

Loving my FH-1 and expander even more than before!!

It's peanut butter jelly time!
Hi! Please forgive me my newbiequestions. I stumbled through dozens of threads and i know everything has been answered in some ways.
But as everyone has specific requirements its hard to combine all the different scripts for me...

I had the qMi before and want to use the FH-1 + FHX as a simple cvinterface for my Octatrack without the need of any additional lfos (for now).
My testsetup consists of Ableton --> Midisport --> Miditech-MidifaceII --> FH.
Later on i will just use the Miditech with the OT which works fine out of the box.

I need 2 Monovoices with velocity or any other "classic" modulation output i can P-Lock in the sequencer and assign to filters, decays etc. (done via direct control?)

One Polyvoice with modulation and cv/gate x3.
One Unisonovoice on the same outputs. Therefore i´m simply switching the midi ch from 16 to 15 the OT.

I also want to have 1 Trigger Output on FHX Out 7, Midich 11.
(which i will probably get by using an "empty" monochannel as read elsewhere)

A "Midi-Clock" and a Run/Stop Out. (Gate high when on to start the MN Tempi)

1. First of all, the 3 Synthvoices work so far. I have the two Monos on the FH and the Poly in RoundRobin/Unisono on my expander.

2. Now I want the Clock output to be static, with no need to send cc´s.
OS suggested to add "HEX b0 67 01" to the script.
Does that say i... just add this line to the script?

3. How can i output this Clock on output 8 now?

4. Can the Run/Stop behavior also be constant without the need of sending cc´s?

5. I was able to get Run/Stop at a "random" output with my ableton testfacility, but how can it be routed to Output7 for example?
And how would the fixed Run/Stop look in the script?
Guinness ftw!

EDIT: HEXB06601 ?
Ok, forget my messy post.

This is what i want:

I just gave it a try and wrote my own script but i am not able to upload it after converting.
FH-1 is always indicating script error.

For debugging i checked a txt file from the web-UI which already worked, put it in the "script to hex" and the hex didn´t do it. seriously, i just don't get it

And here is my first attempt in "scripting":

FH-1 script v1
Do you have the latest firmware on? Otherwise the FH-1 might barf on e.g. the unison setup which was only added recently.
Yes. 1.7 is on.
I tried it with the first 4 lines only and FH didn´t read it either.
But when i output the same lines via the web-tool it works.

Are there possibly form errors? not detected any gaps...
Zip up and post your actual script file.
os wrote:
Zip up and post your actual script file.

Here you go:

should actually be G15 btw.
The last line of the script doesn't have a carriage return after it.
Oh dear.

The script is finally flashed!
But sadly it doesn´t work out as expected:

All good:
1. Run/Stop
2. Direct Control on Output 6, 1/6, 1/7
3. 4Voice Uni on CH12

Not good:
0. Midi CH 9/10 are on 1,2 and 5,6
1. Midi CH 11 no Triggers
2. Midi CH 13 the Gate come out of Output 1/1.
3. Midi CH 14 the Gate come out of Output 8.
4. Midi CH 15 all signals on FH 1/2/3/4 like in Duo Mode, while the Gates are also on Out 8.
5. no clock on Out 8

sad banana
If i route the polys the the expander it works all fine.
I can use it like this for now.

As i mentioned, Run/Stop works nicely so far.
But still no Clock. Should these lines do what i want in general?
(always generate synced sqare on Out 8)

Clock Speed Ch3:CC71:64 = HEXB34740
Square Ch5:CC103:127 = HEXB5677F
Should be OK. Post your whole script now? (As an attachment)
Mndscrpt wrote:

Clock Speed Ch3:CC71:64 = HEXB34740
Square Ch5:CC103:127 = HEXB5677F

Ch3 should be B2 and Ch5 B4 as they begin at 0?!?!?
Ok. Thanks for your help!
V06 is my setup for the gig which works beside the clock issue.
V07 is the one with the preferred order of outputs which messes around.
Is that upload right? 429.49 KB ?
dont worry. Thats just the png i use to keep myself aware of what i´m doing.
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