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donut as LFO
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Author donut as LFO
Are people using the donut as an lfo much? hows she do at the low frequencies? I saw on the harvestman website the modulator is reported to go s l o w.

Trying to decide if this puppy is right for me. Not that I intend to use it much as an LFO, but I've found I really like oscillators that can do both LFO and audio rate. Just adds to the possibilities!
tony d
It is usually never my first choice but if i find it sitting there doing nothing i will put it to work and it works well.don't know the specs of how slow but it does sync very nicely.
The slowest cycle I get is a bit over 19 seconds long.
I've been using it alot to clock my Z8000. Works great as an LFO
You don't get a donut for the LFO. It's like, my Ferrari it has a cup holder, you know? I mean, I drive that Ferrari and wow, and when I want a pepsi it's nice that you know, there's a cup holder.

But yeah, it's a good LFO. Goes real slow (19 seconds sounds about right) and is useful when the other ones are used up.
I do quite a bit. I kind of have two modes of working with my oscillators - malekko or harvestman, and especially if it's the unkles being used I'll use the harvestman modulation osc in LO (and the vilfo) - if I'm using the donut and PH as oscs it's the other way around. It's a fine LFO, get the donut man, you'll love it! I'm kind of in the middle of making a boat rig that will have the harvestman and make noise stuff all in one place (except for the point/brains which will stay in the large rack with what is going to turn into malekko funland).
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