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Blacet Filthy Filtre dither trimpot
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Author Blacet Filthy Filtre dither trimpot
Has anyone with a Filthy Filtre messed around much with the dither trimpot in the VC Mode circuit? I know it goes from straight-up switching to some degree of dithering, and I'm wondering how useful people find it.

Does it provide actual crossfading between modes, or is it just the amount of overlap between adjacent modes?

I'm currently on the fence about picking up a Filthy at this point (though I may still get one down the road), but the VC Wave is perhaps the most interesting part to me. I'd be much more interested if the dither control provides cross-fading, and if that's the case I'd mod it with a pot on the front panel.

This seems to be one of the few trimpots settable to "user preference" that hasn't been discussed here as far as mods go.
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