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Wireless transmitter for MIDI and CV?
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Author Wireless transmitter for MIDI and CV?
I have a customized EWI4000s wind controller that I play my modular with. Im thinking about building my own wireless system to transmit one midi channel and one 3v control voltage to a hub that would be built into a euro panel.

Can someone suggest a good board or kit I can start with?
you can buy a wireless midi system for 100$, and it wouldnt be that hard to convert a CV to midi and then back again. much easier than dealing with all the wireless business yourself.

the main hobbyist wireless platforms are XBEE, NRF24L01, and then generic wireless links, usually at 433MHz, 315MHz, or 915MHz. maybe the Wixel as well. by the time youve bought XBEEs and arduinos, youll have spent close to 100$. the wixel is pretty cheap, although i dont know what the support is like. thats usually the tradeoff: size of support community versus price. the generic wireless links are also just one-way, so they are not as robust.
Hmm. The whole point of my EWI breath cv out mod was to get higher resolution control than midi allows. Isn't there a way to transmit that as accurately as possible? What if I used a wireless bug made for audio and feed it differently tuned sine waves corresponding to the amplitude of the breath, plus pulses for the midi messages. On the other end it could be decoded and converted back to midi and cv. Would that work?
midi pitch bend messages are 14b, which should be enough for almost any application. you can also create your own sysex message that has whatever bit depth you like. ultimately, with any of these wireless solutions, its not going over the air as "midi", its just a stream of bits (the simple RF links could be rigged as an exception to this). and digital is much better for sending wirelessly, as the SNR isnt so good. you could do frequency or phase modulation, but youll still have multipath/doppler errors.
If you want higher resolution and timing accuracy you may want to look at OSC. Rebel Technology make an OSC-based WiFi to CV/Gate interface.

If you're a reasonably experienced DIY-er it shouldn't be too difficult to build something like this.
instruments of things
Our module 2.4SINK seems to be perfect for you.

The module is compatible with Open Sound Control via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth MIDI. It offers 16 x 12 bit multimode outputs (unipolar, bipolar and gate/trigger mode). Furthermore it can be used with our motion sensors for high precision motion control. Built-in LFOs are available as well.

MIDI CC indices can be configured in a built-in web app.
Note On/Note Off messages start from output A1 beginning from C note.

To set the voltage level (or LFO frequency) of a specific output via OSC, you just have to send a message with the pattern:

Example to set output A1 voltage to +7.5V:
/A/1/cv 0.75
or to enable bipolar LFO with 10 Hz and saw waveform:
/A/1/lfosaw 10.0

Also suitable for low latency applications (e.g. triggering percussion sounds via motion sensors).

The project is currently live on Kickstarter!

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