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disting mk4 as Master Clock
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Author disting mk4 as Master Clock
I am disting obsessed. Have several units now and was wondering if there was a best way to make one a Master Clock to feed into another for the clockable algorithms.

Perhaps using the clockable lfo mode. Use B output (pulse) as clock source narrow the pulse width a bit down and use tap tempo button to set the bpm.

To get double use of the module you can use the sample play function too. Use playback Z speed mode . Edit the text file for example as "triggers=8" so the specific sampleloop plays mono through output A and spits triggers from approx 10ms from B. It will create pulses on desired divisions of the loop of choice. Depending on the patch you can blend the tempo synced audio in with a mixer! Turning Z will set the desired tempo.
See online manual for further details.
i've been using clockable LFO for this, but found it a little limiting, and I think a new algorithm "Tap Tempo" dedicated to providing a master clock would be a good idea.

For one, I found it really difficult to tap along to some music and have the clock stay in sync. I'm not sure but I assume that Tap Tempo only considers the last interval. It would be nice if it averaged out the most recent intervals, because i'm not a perfect machine and i'll always be either a little behind or a little ahead of the "true" tempo. I find that the Pioneer DJM900 mixer has a really good tap tempo algorithm and it would great if it behaved more like that. Maybe it does, and i just have crappy timing! Would be good to know though as i don't think that is documented (whether it averages out or considers the last interval only)

For another thing, it would be really cool to have the S knob act as a 'nudging' tool. It could accelerate or decelerate the clock while at a value other than 0 (relative to the magnitude of course).

Lastly, if you could plug in an audio signal and it automatically tried to calculate a tempo that would be a real winner! Kind of like a lighting rig would do i suppose?

Hope these ideas are useful
Thanks for the suggestions.

The Clockable LFO uses the last interval only. This allows for creative use of varying clock intervals.
The Clockable LFO uses the last interval only. This allows for creative use of varying clock intervals.

That makes tons of sense. Maybe the tap tempo mode could be a global setting? "Avg" vs "last interval". Then all the other algorithms that use z-knob as tap-tempo would behave consistently.

I think Avg would be easier to use in situations where the modular setup may not be the "rhythmic boss" of the ensemble, because I don't have to be constantly tapping the z-knob to keep time. I know i may still have to make adjustments, but less often. That's where the nudging feature of a master clock algorithm would come in handy.
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