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ADDAC 206 - Step input? gates or triggers or what?
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Author ADDAC 206 - Step input? gates or triggers or what?
Just received a ADDAC206 this month. Each day is an experiment and I love it... but found an oddity yesterday.

I'm experimenting with 1:4 distribution of Gate signals. I plug the Gate CV source into "Out" on ADDAC206 and send the 1/2/3/4 to different percussion modules. This sort-of works... but outputs will "double trigger" as the steps change?

In other words... I send Clock into Step CV input, and 206 will change steps... but while changing from Step 1 to Step2... the module connected to "1" on the 206 will trigger for both step 1 and step 2 instead of just when step 1 is active. It's like the change of "step position" on the 206 causes the module to fire a second time.

Any ideas how this is working or what's causing the module to fire twice?
Paranormal Patroler
Gate cut in half means both targets get half a gate, first one gets the proper gate attack, second one gets a false attack caused by the switching. I guess. Try a) timing your switches appropriately b) sending gates of lower pulse width.

Not sure if the 206 clicks. I never had problems with mine. Have you tried switching without actually sending gates at the same time? See if that fires up your modules anyway.
can you narrow the pulsewidth of the gates? or just use triggers?
Paranormal Patroler
Hey soundslikejoe, did you find a solution to your query? hmmm..... Just curious.
Work picked up (crazy busy) and not been able to revisit this experiment. Will do it soon, and will make a video to help illustrate the phenomenon.
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