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standalone floor control box (?)!(?)
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Author standalone floor control box (?)!(?)
Hi There-

Just a quick post to say I know ADDAC makes modules and I assume you're happy with that, but if you ever decided to make a standalone box powered by wall wart with the features of Floor Control, I would be first in line. I don't have a modular setup or the power supply to use it as a module, but I have a number of semi-modluar standalones that I would LOVE to control with expression and sustain pedals, and there is simply no solution for this on the market at all that doesn't involve getting a case, a power supply, etc.

Mostly I have steered clear of modular as I have enough on my plate, but I'm actively looking for someone to make me a one-module box just for this one...
Paranormal Patroler
Hmm, a standalone stomp-box option that allows expression/sustain pedal control ? hmmm.....
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