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Infinity Curve
Details please.
Infinity Curve
Ok. Self driving patch as always, recorded in one take direct to 2 channels with no edits, smidge of Valhalla room. I don't touch it during the recording

What you are hearing is a pinged VCFQ and an Erica Synths Black Wavetable VCO.

The VCFQ portion is really simple - Intellijel Noise Tools random gates is pinging it, sample + hold to frequency, output to a channel on my Cocoquantus 2, self patched to occasionally flip the direction and change the sample rate, Coco channel recorded direct to Ableton.

For the Black Wavetable section the heart of the patch is 2x ERD SIR's, an ERD/y and and NLC Squid Axon all doing their thing. They are all cross patched and modulating each other with the random gate from the ERD/y as the trigger for the Squid Axon. ERD/y stepped output to 1v/oct on the Black Wavetable, one of the SIR's is modulating the crush cv and I have a channel of Kermit sweeping the wavetable slowly. I'm mixing the out and sub from the Black Wavetable, from there it goes to the Intellijel 1U Digiverb, and from there it's into the Chronoblob with the Bionic Lester on the feedback path. The other channel on Kermit is slowly changing the cutoff on the Lester slightly. The random gate we are using from the Noisetools to ping the VCFQ is also hitting the hold input on the Chronoblob, and the Squid Axon is also tweaking the delay time. From the Chronoblob we go straight into a Resonant EQ on the Serge, and then into another VCFQ(I have 2) with the same channel of Kermit that's sweeping the Wavetable sweeping the frequency a bit, bandpass out to the other channel on my Cocoquantus 2, again self patched to occasionally change direction and sample rate, recorded straight to Ableton.

I'm not even using any VCA's here, unless you count the outputs on the Serge, but I'm only using it for level control, not modulated.

That's it. thumbs up
Infinity Curve
Was about to ask for details as well.
Very clean. Wondering if you do anything to remove (ahem) "noise"? aka hiss, constant resonances, etc
Infinity Curve
Nope. Recorded straight to my interface (motu ultralite) direct with a smidge of reverb in Ableton(Valhalla room) - no eq, no compression, nadda - I don't even touch levels, I already have my channels set where they need to be coming in. If I am uploading something you can pretty much guarantee I have done zero post on it and, more often than not, I haven't even listened to it before I upload it, although I've probably been listening to the patch for a few days at that point and I'm just recording it so I can tear down and start something new.

I have templates setup in ableton, and my gear is all hooked up through the interface and I monitor from Ableton so it's always on when Im working, my channel settings are always where I want them and all I have to do is hit f9 and away we go. This works well for me because I don't have to mess around and what I hear is what my recordings sound like. I use it like a multi track recorder/mixer basically, and reverb and occasionally other effects. Keep things as simple as possible so it boots up with my default template and I don't have to do a thing unless I want to record, which is a button press away. I record in one take to mono tracks, sometimes a few channels depending on the patch, then once I've recorded and cut to length I want, I just export the master track from Ableton. I usually just have Valhalla room on the master channel and I adjust and program it to suit the patch - been working with the Sulaco algorithm a lot lately, including on this track. No panning, no mixdown, no compression, nothing.

Any magic is in the patch, which is how I like it. By the time I'm recording I've dialled in anything that needs adjusting so I can just hit record and fuck off and have a smoke and come back later. At most I might add fades if it's abrasive and abrupt so it doesn't kick you in the face when you hit play, but that's it. Most of my recordings are like an hour long, then I just cut out whatever length I want it to be, export, et voila - another throw away track from yours truly hihi I say that somewhat tongue in cheek, but recordings of my music don't really interest me. I make my patches to evolve and change, I dont want to know what's going to happen next. Once I record it, that's gone, it's the same each time you hear it. Recording and sharing stuff is more of an after thought for me, and I don't even share much anymore, but my hard drive is full of far too many hours of recordings, most of which I haven't even listened to. I sometimes go through old recordings if I'm bored, often finding stuff I don't remember making.

Music is more of a personal endeavour for me these days, it's like meditation. I enjoy the creation and interaction of it, but anything beyond that is secondary and not at all a priority for me anymore.

Aaaaaaaand I'm rambling...

TLDR: no, I do nothing. I don't even do the things you should do
Rockin' Banana!
I love the dark and drippy nature. Nice.
Infinity Curve
Check out my soundcloud, it all sounds like this, except for the ones that don't
Really cool! Sounds super organic, perfect soundtrack material.
Nice! I like the buchla type percussion mixed with a sort of FM vibe. thumbs up
Infinity Curve
Thanks thumbs up
Yep, nice track. Fresh recording. And I like your ”philosophy” and working. applause
Infinity Curve
Thanks thumbs up
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