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LZX Cadet Patch sheets - example patches
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Author LZX Cadet Patch sheets - example patches

I've made a Illustrator LZX Cadet module patch sheet
see here:

Download Template AI file

With this, you can make patch sheets.
The knobs and switches can be rotated for position settings
Add jack connections with the pencil tool. Set caps to round!

Feel free to use the template to make example patches.
You can post 'm here!

I have mock-up images of the most modules, but some are missing.
So some modules are photos of the frontpanels, taken from the LZX homepage.
I'll ask Lars if there are more mock-up panels available.
(to make the patch sheet graphics more alike)

My knob settings might be a bit off, because I use custom knobs and panels.

sorry about photo screenshots, my capture card is not setup yet.
Basic Processor patch

Circles patch

Combining techniques for more color layers:

The blue layer is composed of the two remaining (negative) outputs of the two Hard Key generators, mixed with a Processor.
By adjusting the Bias and attenuverter knobs, you can dramatically change the color!

Here I added modulation of the VCO’s and Hard Key by the Ramps module to skew the circle shapes.

Thanks! Great resource
Snowflake patch

As trigger for camera feedback:

This is great! Thanks a lot and please keep on sharing your patches. Exactly what I've been looking for to learn more about the video cadet series.
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