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Feedback loop of just an EQ pedal?
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Author Feedback loop of just an EQ pedal?
Hey guys, I just came across this video, and right in the beginning it looks as if hes using an EQ pedal in what im guessing is a feedback loop?(whats confusing me is all the cables coming from it) And ideas of how this is being accomplished?
yep, looks and sounds like feedback (with a healthy dose of delay/echo).
you take the output from the eq and split it (hence the cables) to go to the output/mixer and also to the input of said eq. presto!
if the thing isn't at least unity gain you may need a preamp. or go thru a mixingdesk channel and use a send/return path.
fun to see this happening on the street, quite a good crowd! cool thumbs up hyper wow this guy is really going for it: the end is insane thumbs up
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