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Time Buffer DIN plug > Integer Divider question
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Author Time Buffer DIN plug > Integer Divider question
Short version: can I take pin 2 out from the Sync24 OUT on a Time Buffer to the shield on a 1/4" plug, and pin 3 out to the tip, and feed that into the CLOCK IN of an Integer Divider, and have the ID be getting 96th note clock?

Long version: I'm driving 10 assorted trigger or voltage sequencers from Suit's system. The Time Buffer drives the Time Divider and Switch, along with a half dozen volt and trigger stores - they all work perfectly, all the time (without exception). The issue comes in when I try to integrate other gear.

I want to take several outs from the Integer Divider, and have them clocking individual trigger sequencers. But the fastest division I get from the Time Divider is 32, which is not fast enough for my needs (to feed into the clock input of the Integer Divider) - so, I figure "OK, I need 96ths to feed into the ID. Well, I have a Moon 553 MIDI clock-to-CV module, and it has a 96 out".

But when I feed that into the Integer Divider, timings are late very frustrating , and even have hiccoughs over time. So I got to wondering about using the Sync24 out from the Time Buffer.......

however, my question is: what needs to be clocked faster than 32nd?
Just me
The problem is MOON. I have NEVER had a piece of their MIDI to X or X to MIDI modules work repeatably or stay stable.
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