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question about .mkv into VLC (beautiful digital havoc)
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Author question about .mkv into VLC (beautiful digital havoc)
Hey there,

today I played a .mkv movie into my old iBook, instead of playing it as expected something magical happened:
the movie advance only for stills and sometimes beautiful morphing from frame to frame happen, sometimes a still explode in a watercolor-like abstract disaster or it advance leaving a silhouette of a character filled with the following frames.. sometimes pixellated zones appear, in series of white bricks.. any kind of digital mess and so on..

What's going on? It's quite poetic and evocative, I'd like to understand this process to be able to repeat it in performance..

Thanks for discussing,

Sounds like you're missing a codec or the file is incomplete.

Most 'video' filetypes (.mov, .avi, etc.) are container bundling up a compressed video file and a compressed audio file.

An .mkv is a matroska (like the russian dolls) is another type of container (often used to bundle along multiple audio tracks and/or subtitle tracks meaning you get to load just one thing that deals with all the options rather than scrabbling around having to also import subs etc.) so it might be that you're missing the codec that the video part was compressed/encoded with or that the file wasn't entirely finished downloading.

I think in a lot of players, you'd just get bounced out and told to behave yourself with an error but VLC is such a rock solid trooper that it'll basically have a decent crack at playing ANYTHING regardless of whether it can or not.

I've seen some quite enjoyably trippy results from playing video files of rare torrents that never completed and the seeds never came back to.
Thanks for your reply,

I now found this:

This is what is happening I guess, datamoshing. Looks fun!
data moshing is pretty cool!

A few years ago I saw an art film that was totally moshed, including the audio
I think it was Scanners or Videodrome. pretty intense!!
Wondering if an hardware way to do so would be possible..
arnoux wrote:
Wondering if an hardware way to do so would be possible..

that would be the most fun hardware.
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