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WMD Protostar
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Author WMD Protostar

WMD Protostar

Surprised there's not a thread for this guy so let's rectify that! Doesn't seem too popular, maybe it's too far out for a lot of guitarists, and not far out enough for modular fellows?

My Euro case is full and I've been looking at pedals that play nice with modular. Only have one dedicated filter so when this came up, it looked like a decent way to add one to the mix, with a nice amount of other uses, so one is on its way to me.

Who's got one, what's your feels, etc, etc
It's one of the few pedal format filters that can actually reach audio rates with the lfo - a must in my book! Not to mention playing nice with Modular.

You can also look to the current range of Dwarfcraft Devices for cv in and out to Euro as well.
This pedal is amazing and basically the reason why I've gone down the modular rabbit hole. A Protostar and a Randy's Revenge and you can really fuck some shit up. Dead Banana

One thing to note, though is that the CV is only 0-5V. This makes it play very nicely with other pedals like the Fairfield stuff and Chase Bliss stuff, but it's obviously not the full range of CV on modular.
amazing filter. sounds fantastic. connectivity is outstanding. form factor is perfect. compressor is actually cool too! and you get a cv controllable LFO, and envelope outputs? this thing is basically a mega modular filter in a box!

highly recommended!
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