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[Avaliable!] KMPR - SPACE ODYSSEY VCO (ARP Odyssey Modular)
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Author [Avaliable!] KMPR - SPACE ODYSSEY VCO (ARP Odyssey Modular)
Update (16.12.2017)

PCB sets left: 2

Hey guys!

Here is a little update on the project. I am happy to say, that the first ten PCB-sets are ready for shipping. smile

Full set of PCBs (panel, mainboard, control board) = 40€
insured international shipping by Deutsche Post, padded envelope, registered mail = 9€

I will do full kits on request, but PCB sets are preferred. Preparing the kits will take up to two weeks as I can't have all the parts in stock.

Full kit = 150€
insured international shipping by Deutsche Post, padded envelope, registered mail = 11€

Payment by PayPal using ‚friends and family’ is preferred. Otherwise, add 3% of the full price on top.

This is not a beginners project as a lot of SMD soldering is involved. I advise you to check out the latest construction manual for further information and details before buying. smile

Construction manual:  /SPACE%20ODYSSEY%20VCO%20-%20Construction%20Manual%20REV%201.4.pdf

Ordering process:

Feel free to contact me via PM or mail me at: philip_kemper (at) web (dot) de

Original post (18.05.2017)

I had the chance to play around with an Arp Odyssey a few years ago. So I’ve decided to take a look at the schematics and rebuild the VCO section. After laying out my boards in EAGLE, etching and soldering them, I held the first working VCO in my hands.
At that point, I was totally amazed. I went on and simulated the VCO in LTspice where I’ve tweaked a few things and added some stuff. I did a more professional PCB layout and finally got my first revision of boards manufactured. From that point on I did a lot of simulations, breadboarding and rerouting to find and minimize potential sources of noise.
Removing the bleeding induced by the LFO was a lot of work.

This is the outcome of three revisions and nearly six months of work. The KMPR – SPACE ODYSSEY VCO

(KMPR because my surname is Kemper hihi )

Here's a video showing Rev. 1.2 in action.

This module runs on 12-15V and combines two VCOs, one ring modulator and one LFO. I’ve created a diagram to show you how everything is connected.

Greetings Phil screaming goo yo
This looks and sounds lovely. I'd be very tempted if there was a panel and PCB option.
Captain Sternn
Looks great, I'd also be interested in a kit or pcb/panel option.
There have been a lot of dIY Odyssey VCO projects. I've built a couple myself (they both live in my box of un-paneled diy modular circuits). Yours is definitely the most professionally executed and fully realized Oddy VCO Ive seen. It looks and sounds amazing, and pretty much exactly like my Odyssey.

I wouldn't presume to be critical of something you've obviously worked on this much. But, I've noticed around here that a module's popularity is often inversely proportional to the amount of panel space it uses. I don't know if this holds true for DIY modules as well. But if the panel is still being worked over, it's just a thought.
Wow, I am interested in a kit. Terrific work!
Nice One! thumbs up thumbs up
I'd build it!
If this was 16hp or smaller i'd be all over this cry
Looks sweet. How many octaves does this stay in tune over?
Thank you all for your feedback smile I’ve considered doing a smaller panel but it actually impairs the usability. I might be able to narrow the module by 2-4hp but I’m afraid that the space between the knobs would be to small to use them properly.
However, if there is enough interest in a single VCO without additional extras I can create a smaller version.
I’ve created a mock-up of a 12hp single version a while back. This is how it could actually look like.

diode_destroyer wrote:
Looks sweet. How many octaves does this stay in tune over?

The module stays in tune over at least nine octaves. Pretty much like the original ARP. smile
I'm going to be in the minority here, but I prefer the panel the way you currently have it.
Yeah, the original panel looks better / more usable. That being said, I do not get the massive scram to save HP when it impairs usability in general, so I may be in the minority as well. lol
I will maintain the width of 24hp. I’m no fan of impaired usability due to a few saved hp. smile

I might have found a suitable German company for the anodized aluminium panels. If I can get a reasonable price for 20-30 panels I’ll give them a go.
I also think that you don't have to make the panel smaller at the cost of usability.

If you plan to offer a pcb + panel set, I would love to get one.
This looks and sounds great! I'd be interested if there is a panel/pcb option.

cane creek
I'm interested in 24hp version, even a Panel/PCB would be great.
Check Mate
I'll add myself to the list of beeing intersted in a potential PCB/Panel set.
would be nice to have a only pcb option to
I'd be interested in a pcb/panel option or pcb only.
Also interested but only in pcb/panel set - Full kits are unreasonable for me to buy with the mess of parts I live in.
philicity wrote:
anodized aluminium panel with printing (still need to find a suitable manufacturer)

Just sent you a PM with a recommendation for a German panel manufacturer.
Thank you smile I will contact both of them and see if they can offer a good price.

I’m going to send the new pcb designs to the board house within the next week.
Interested in a PCB or full PCB + components kit (and info in possible pricing); I am less interested in the panel.
yup. interested. full kit or panel/pcb either is fine for me.
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