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NSynth (Neural Audio Synthesis)
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Author NSynth (Neural Audio Synthesis)
Has anyone been following the NSynth project by the Google Brain team and DeepMind?

Although fun to play with, this web toy and Max MSP instrument are a basically just a wavetable morpher of a number of short audio files, but the parent project which generated its wavetables is much more interesting. They used a 70GB sample set of one-hit notes to train a neural network to transform an input sound (like a guitar pluck) into a new data representation and back again, where the representation is incredibly different than anything like frequency or time space. If you interpolate between two different sounds in this representation, the result is a much more organic "morphing" than an interpolation method in frequency or time/amplitude.

I'm posting this because I'm interested to know if there's a demand for more software based on this system to play around with, or a Eurorack module, if computation isn't insanely high like most neural network models.
I'd be interested, but yeah... Sounds like a CPU killer with any sort of polyphony.
BTW: this is a post about the hardware version.

I'm makin' this ASAP. Anyone else? The Git looks like its a dumbed down UI version. Haven't read everything yet, basically TL;DR, is it possible to DIY the touch screen version?

*cross posting this to General Hardware
Koryo wrote:
TL;DR, is it possible to DIY the touch screen version?

From what I can tell, it looks like fancy touchscreen version isn't open source, so you'd have to redesign/copy it more or less from scratch.
I'd be totally down for a software version even if it is a CPU killer. My one reservation though is that the sound quality in the google version wasn't very good...
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