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recording stereo tracks...2x mono or 1x stereo?
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Author recording stereo tracks...2x mono or 1x stereo?
umma gumma
I have been experimenting with the stereo out on my voyager, rather than just using the mono left channel as I've been doing

does anyone record the 2x mono signals, as separate tracks?

any advantages?

or should I just record 1x stereo track?

I do find I can partially blend the stereo field with the 2x mono, whereas the single stereo track stays hard panned

am running each channel into a different delay unit, which gives some interesting textures

thanks for any advice!
umma gumma
* crickets*
Stereo is 2x mono. An uncompressed stereo file consists of two mono channels, one representing the left, one the right.
Two mono files are.. two mono channels, one representing the left, the other the right.

Depending on the configuration of your audio hardware and daw, you could record either. As-is, dual mono indeed offers a bit more control over stereo placement (in that you get a pan control per file in your daw), although you could achieve the same by either splitting a stereo file into its two channels, or using the stereo panning tools that come with decent daws.

Some things are easier to do one way and others things the other way. It's about workflow. Nothing should be possible to do one way and impossible the other, just easier.
Never had a Voyager so not sure if there would be any difference but doubt it without fx added. But should be interesting to explore both options. Two monos can be interesting like you said to move the stereo field around. May be interesting to record both ways and try blending the two (with mono up the middle). Sort of depends what you are recording too, basses and some leads like to be up the middle typically with pads/strings wider.
umma gumma
thanks guys!!

still learning about this...I guess that was more a "moog" question but was wondering about stereo vs mono in general

fwiw the voyager uses a "spacing" control to adjust the L/R channel filters.

there are actually two filters, one per channel. That knob adjusts the filter amount per channel, giving it an interesting stereo pan, if you're not just using it in mono

I may pose that Q on the moog forum, as there may be funky ways of assigning stuff in the menu's as well


I would record it in dual mono; then you can control the stereo width later, especially if you are layering it with other sounds.
umma gumma
thx Ben!!

yes I have sort of resolved into doing that. hard disk space is cheap!

and you're right, it's easier to adjust things later on
I work in Ableton and have mentioned that when I record a stereo track instead of two mono ones i I get much more closed sound. Especially when the sound is not dry.
umma gumma
interesting...what do you mean by "closed"?

is that a good or a bad thing?

I mean a stereo image. When i am recording a stereo signal out of synth or modular when two mono channels are recorded separately, the sound is much wider and fuller.
Ableton's summing of tracks (eg to stereo) does not have a good reputation. Trust your ears!
harlequin wrote:
Ableton's summing of tracks (eg to stereo) does not have a good reputation. Trust your ears!

I think it can be true maybe 5 years ago seriously, i just don't get it

I prefer using 2 mono tracks during recording because:
- I can setup panorama as I want
- I can edit left and right channels volume separately (especially if I put delay tails on the right or left channel)
- I can deactivate one channel if I find that mono will be better for a mix.
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