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Zeal VIZZable Frame Rate Issues :(
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Author Zeal VIZZable Frame Rate Issues :(
Hey all,

I'm just getting into Max for Live for the purposes of live video within my Ableton Live setup. My main use is to launch existing video clips via MIDI notes.

My laptop isn't the greatest. It's a standard Dell Latitude Core i5-2410M CPU @ 2.3GHz w/ 4GB of RAM, no GPU, and Windows 7 64Bit SP1. I have 32bit Live and M4L installed and have VIZZable all setup.

Everything is pretty good, until I go full screen mode out of my HDMI output. I'm getting some MAJOR frame rate issues when I do that. I'm at about 30fps and above while on my laptop's screen, but the second I go full screen out of the HDMI output, it dips down to like 5-6fps and the entire Live set gets very slow and unstable. This is happening with the RackPlayr, but I haven't tied it with the ClipPlayr yet.

The other issue worth mentioning is that the clips are randomly delayed when they launch. In many cases, the clip doesn't launch at all when it's triggered. I just see a still of the first frame. Sometimes it's only sightly delayed, while other times it doesn't play at all. I found a work around by automating a tiny bit of scrub right at the start of each clip launch. That seems to have fixed things, but I don't feel I should have to do that. And this problem is intermittent and random. Videos that launch ok on one pass will be delayed and/or won't launch on other passes, and vice versa.

Is it a matter of RAM and/or GPU? Is there something within my existing system I can adjust to optimize things to increase performance? Can anyone recommend any other adjustments (aside from a new laptop or GPU)?

FWIW, I followed the steps provided in the V-Module manual (I assume these apply to other visual applications), and my video files are Quicktime Photo JPEG .MOV at 75% quality.

In case anyone's interested, I ended up getting access to a slightly better laptop (2.4GH, 8GB RAM, SSD hard drive, less crap installed) and things seem much better, at least with the frame rate issue.

The delays in triggering videos in the rackPlayr are still present, and now I'm dealing with constant crashing confused Three crashes last night alone...And the thing with these crashes is that Ableton's processes cannot be closed, even in in the Task Manager. Which means I cannot just reopen Live after the crash. I actually have to do a complete system restart Dead Banana
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