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Congrats Zerosum
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Author Congrats Zerosum
Muff Wiggler
Hey, a little birdie let me know that Zerosum just received his first frac chassis, power supply, and modules

man, i remember getting my first frac shit, it was so exciting, i'll never forget that day

i'm sure you are having mountains of fun now bro, and it's a pleasure and honor to welcome you to the brotherhood of the frac'd

we got it good.....Blacet, Wiard, Metalbox, Bananalogue, MOTM, Livewire..... plus all the DIY stuff from CGS

dude, welcome to the addiction! you made a really really good decision and it's something that I'm sure you will enjoy for many, many years to come. so much value in a good modular system. i look forward to seeing and hearing about your system grow over the next months and years.. you are going to have a lot of fun, and spend a LOT more cash than you ever planned

but you'll be rewarded with something so cool, and so inspiring, and so unique and rare in the world, it's something you'll enjoy and be proud of, and something you can do your own way and customize however you see fit

sorry to ramble on and on, it's been a crazy week in san francisco and we've been drinking pretty hard every night, and i'm pretty loaded so i'm sharing my excitement in what is probably far too many words

but i just want to say congrats and i'm really, really stoked for you 8)

bring tha noize
Thanks man grin
Yeah its great! Ill be getting the Miniwave and Quadmix next week,
then after that it will be a micro LFO and 1 space left for either a VCO, or a delay, or...????
Main thing is the miniwave Im so excited to get that in there! smile

Yeah the Frac world is really cool! Im looking forward to the Livewire modules when more come to Frac format!

Muff Wiggler
Seriously, I've said it before, but honestly if you don't trust me on ANYTHING else ever, believe me here

You GOTTA get a noise ring. You gotta. If you never buy a piece of gear again, you must.

Do it before they are impossible to find or outrageously priced.

You'll want two, but at least get one.

I'm serious.

Forget the demos on the wiard website - forget it. They give you zero idea what it can do

Best module ever

Its a tone source, a noise source, an effect, it can process audio or cv signals, its a modulator' a random event generator, a cyclical event generator/LFO, a wonderful cv source

It can write songs for you

Get a noise ring
Get a noise ring
Get a noise ring
Get a noise ring
Get a noise ring

Its everything
I was thinking about that again today, and how much It would really be the perfect fit.
The downside is I dont want to have to wait, but they are going away and if I dont get one now, I may never get one.
I'm going to e-mail grant and see what the status is.
Next week is the Miniwave and quadmix.
Hopefully after that I can preorder the noisering.
Muff Wiggler
There was one for sale at a couple weeks ago - maybe post a WTB thread there

Also, don't email Grant. Phone him, leave a message, he will call you back. Much better, and he strongly prefers to speak to customers on the phone first. You might not even get a reply to an email - he's funny like that, but its kinda cool. He likes to talk to the people who use his stuff!
Chuck E. Jesus
i need a mod that will write a song for me....
grin grin
figures i've wated so long for a noisering that now they are being stopped by wiard. Mother fuck... now i'll have to pay 500 for a fucking noise ring :(
tragedybysyntax wrote:
figures i've wated so long for a noisering that now they are being stopped by wiard. Mother fuck... now i'll have to pay 500 for a fucking noise ring :(

it looks like you can still order one from the webpage?
grant did announce end-of-life for 1200 series about 3 months ago.
Muff Wiggler
yeah, i think you can still get them at regular price - but not for long

i'm expecting my second one to arrive literally any moment. It's blue! (The one I already have is black)

Packed lovingly with it will be:

a pair of black JAG's

a black Boogie Filter (will go with the blue one that tragedybysyntax sold me! best damn filter ever, EVER, probably best LPG ever as well....)

a blue Borg2 Filter

a black Borg2 Filter

man, can't wait
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