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*VIDEO* BugBrand PTDelay
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Author *VIDEO* BugBrand PTDelay
BugBrand PTDelay! Awesome unit which has had me impressed since I first got my hands on it a while ago. Noisy, characterful, beautiful feedback filtering, CVs like a mad dog with hot chips and a nice overdrive on the input gain stage. This one has a 1/4" jack for CV input but they normally come with a banana socket

It's cool you make these BugBrand videos so other wigglers can see Tom's great machines on your channel, where there's more activity thumbs up

DRM1 and COF are also great modules and also very fun to play.
Great overview. Very informative Guinness ftw!
batchas cheers! Very happy to have organized this with Tom. It's my only BugBrand device currently but have played on some of the other desktop red units and the blue modular system all of which were ace!

Thank you radams
ThankYOU Ben! Yes, very happy to have got you on to this - fingers crossed for more in the future.

There is one strange/fun behaviour you didn't catch which I reminded myself of when testing the last batch -- when delay time is set to around minimum and you turn feedback up high, you can get sort of ducking of the feedback, especially with bass hits. I should do a vid of this myself! (check back in a few years time, no doubt..)
That's a really nice overview! I picked up a PT delay yesterday at Dr Wieners shop Patch Point in Berlin. I have to discover it more, but I can already say it's so full of character and the filters just sound so great. I love this thing!
That's great to hear that Darrin's store is beginning with activity!
Enjoy the delay box!
BTW Would be nice to have more BB tools in Berlin store... going to visit it in 1,5 months...
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