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More PT Delay feedback & a few samples
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Author More PT Delay feedback & a few samples
I was jamming today and the camera was running. Here a cut after I "missed" a manual switch... which kind of ruined what I wanted to do hihi.

The patch turns around the PT Delay and the Radio Music and stupidely the PT Delay was not even in the camera's field d'oh!
And manual switches are not really tight, but anyway fun to play (different mood with the sample players in the system).
Ben's video late at night yesterday and this morning again for commenting might have inspired me, cause it felt like when I first got the unit and was back then focusing mostly on feedback.

Depending on which step the touch sequence starts, a different sample might be heard and also a different voltage is sent to the filter which makes all sound very different, more alive.
Again, nothing serious, just fun to try the samples in the setup (I powered on and did not even tried a different bank).


Right after that I was already in a complete different mood!!!

Actually I did not disconnect the tigged up/down direction, as it was meant as a self-playing patch, so even if I touch a key on the TKB, the sequencer does of course what he wants (I'll disconnect it next time as I like these deep tones played via the keys).
Nasty Guinness ftw!
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