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Modcan Quadraphonic Recording/Performance
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Author Modcan Quadraphonic Recording/Performance
Does anyone here actively record or perform with a Modcan system in quad? It's something I want to move into but I was wondering what people used as outputs. A 4VCA? Two VCA Panners?

I happen to have both of those options on hand but I was wondering which one other people ran with. Opinions?
i tend to be an extremely mono character unless songwriting/recording the results, in which case no greater than stereo images occur.
Heh. I usually only do mono stuff a lot of the time as well but some of the features on Modcan modules such as the Quad output on the Quad LFO sound insane, makes me want to branch out. Guess I like extremes... Stereo I don't care much about so I gravitate to 1 or 4.
Whoops. I meant the 'rotate' mode on the Quad LFO.
Just me
Since I got rid of my quad system back in the early 80's, I don't bother with it. Although I really liked my tapes of The Who Live at Leeds and Pink Floyd. How would you do playback in todays world?
Just me wrote:
Since I got rid of my quad system back in the early 80's, I don't bother with it. Although I really liked my tapes of The Who Live at Leeds and Pink Floyd. How would you do playback in todays world?

I really enjoyed the few discrete quad tapes I had in the late 70's (Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon and Jethro Tull's War Child were really great!)

These days it would probably be most practical to go with a 5.1 surround system I guess.
5.1 and dvd-audio or something similar
I think you would only need one vca panner for quad. If I ever get a 2nd pair of monitors I'll try this out. Not sure how you would record,though???
Just me
Recording isn't hard, playback is. We mostly have multi track recorders but not everyone had 4 amps and 4 speakers to do the play back
Yes, bothering to set up 4 monitors is convoluted and indulgent but then again that's kind of the nature of this whole modular business hihi
Just me
I may have to dig for 'em, but I think my old Koss quad headphones are still around somewhere.
Zalman ZM-RS6F 5.1 Headphones screaming goo yo
I have a 5.1 monitor system and have done a few mixes like that. It's fun. Actually most film scores are mixed in quad because the center channel is mostly for dialog and foley. The best method would be to use a DAW that has surround panning like Logic, Cubase, Pro Tools, etc. I use Logic and output to an SPL surround monitor controller. A cheap method for live would be to get a Mackie 1604 or some other mixer with at least 4 busses.

I don't do many surround mixes but they are fun when I do. Unfortunately there is no good download format for surround audio! The only one I know of is Quicktime, you can save as a 5.1 WAV file and play back in Quicktime. There is a surround MP3 format developed by Fraunhofer, proposed mostly as a way to hold on to the MP3 patent a little longer. You would think that DTS or Dolby would want to encourage a music download like this, but they would rather charge hundreds of dollars for the license to decode it.

I can also recommend the Lexicon PCM96 Surround, lots of fun in surround. SlayerBadger!
I do mixes for TV in 5.1, and mixes in 8.1 channel for Themed Attraction Rides. I've looked at this because I want to perform this way. I think that you can do it with 2 VCA Panners, but I would be inclined to use 4 VCA Panners. Two Panners would be Front L&R and Rear L&R.

But it really gets cool when you matrix the 4 channels. For this I would use a 3rd Panner to handle Front to Rear-Left channels, and a 4th Panner to handle Front to Rear-Right Channels.

This gives you a complete surround mix that produces divergence and perspective and motion Left to Right and Front to Back. You can use square wave LFOs to VC sounds for ratcheting around the soundfield or combinations of LFO waveforms to VC the sound to float around in different ways.

I used four Genelecs to get an 8 channel mix to work in a large casino venue in Reno. This was done by matrixing in this way. It sounds very cool.

As "synthetic" mentioned, this operation could be done in a DAW with discreet surround control. But then you'd have to rely on a computer.
Hmm, very interesting suggestion there... I'll definitely give that one some thought.

On this topic of quad panning, I asked Bruce recently about the Vector Fade and how to recreate the effect. I wouldn't normally cut and paste things from emails but since this is a helpful suggestion I don't think he'd mind:

"The Vector is gone. It would take an X/Y, a x-fade and a dual mixer to get the same effect.

The Vector was just a 4 way crossfade but if you use both sections of the x-fade one for X and one for Y
and then mix the two together you will get the same effect. Remind me to build the X-fade as Audio version
so at the center cross-over they are only 3dB down vs 6dB for CV version. -3dB is better for audio crossfading."

It takes a few more modules to pull it off but I'm looking forward to setting all this up. I already have an X/Y and a dual mixer, just waiting on the audio x-fade which is in my current order...
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