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Alternatives to LZX?
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Author Alternatives to LZX?
Hello, video synth newb here,

Wondering if are strong (and possibly cheaper) alternatives to getting a LZX rack? Happy to consider software alternatives too

I'd like to get into vector rescanning and visual processing ideally, much like this example: Pmelz5Unh4Yv1&index=122

any advice much appreciated, thanks! razz
There isn't a huge amount of choices in hardware video synthesis and a major part of the cost is that the components are precision, thus more expensive. Im sure someone else can chime in on software or options for Vector resynthesis.

I would love to see some more people join in the fray but I am very happy with LZX and have high hopes for their continued evolution.
lzx isnt cheap, but then again, most forays into the video world arent either--lzx is amazing and to me, well worth the price.....
You can do quite a bit of graphics on 'scopes in the audio range and with software (although not really vector rescanning of video). Check out the work Derek Holzer (Macumbista) and others are doing...
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