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Video Utility
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Author Video Utility
Hi there folks, hope you are well? I have a bunch of LZX modules but I dont have any more space for something like a Bridge. I am just looking for a way to bring modulation out of the rest of my euro rack to use as LFOs, Envelopes in my LZX system. What modules would you recommend from audio Eurorack that could be handy. I notice on the Bridge module it multiples CVs by a factor of 5 to be most effective with Eurorack, would something like Maths be useful using it's offsets, is that the same as the voltage multiplying in the Bridge module? Also can I use standard VCAs with video? Many thanks M
I have an Ornaments & Crime (O_C) and its an amazing modulation source for such a good size.

This is a digital meta-modulator with lots of options in a single module like:

The apps currently available in Ornaments & Crimes are:

    CopierMaschine is an enhanced version of the original quantising digital emulation of a four stage analogue shift register (ASR).
    Harrington 1200 provides basic neo-Riemannian Tonnetz transformations of triadic chords, triggered by the digital (gate/trigger) inputs.
    Automatonnetz combines Tonnetz transforms with a “vector” sequencer - it can be both a chord sequencer and a melody sequencer, but not of the usual kind.
    Quantermain is a quad pitch quantiser for external voltages, with editable scales; it can do clocked (trigger-driven) quantising, or continuous quantising, with a latency of under 100 microseconds; it also features quad Turing Machines, May-Verhulst logistic maps or byte beats as optional, semi-random, internally generated CV sources.
    Meta-Q is a dual-channel quantiser, similar to Quantermain, but also offering scale and note mask sequencing.
    Quadraturia is a wavetable quadrature LFO, based on the “Easter egg” in the Mutable Instruments Frames module.
    Low-rents is a dual Lorenz and Rössler (strange attractor) modulation generator, partially based on the “Easter egg” in the Mutable Instruments Streams module.
    Piqued is a quad voltage-controlled envelope generator, based on envelope generator code from the Mutable Instruments Peaks module, but extending it with voltage control, additional envelope types, including re-triggering (looping) envelopes, additional segment shapes, adjustable trigger delays, and a unique Euclidean “trigger filter” which turns the app into a Euclidean rhythm generator which can output envelopes, not just gate or trigger pulses.
    Sequins is a dual-channel step sequencer offering 4 “tracks” of up to 16 steps each; tracks can themselves be sequenced.
    Dialectic Ping Pong is a quad bouncing ball envelope generator, based on a hidden mode of the Mutable Instruments Peaks module.
    Viznutcracker, sweet! is a quad “byte beat” equation generator, which can be used as an audio source to generate curious but often interesting 8-bit noises and tunes, or which can be clocked by an external source to produce “byte beat” control voltage sequences. “Byte beats” were first described in 2011 by viznut (aka Ville-Matias Heikkilä).

Check the "apps" section for all its functions!

Also consider using a Sensory Translator... I was amazed how useful it is!
Oh and most importantly, in O_C you can control offset and attenuation within each app, so no need to have additional Bridges or atenuverter to scale the outputs.
anything with attenuation on the outputs is your friend. or just buy some attenuators for modules that dont have them.

you want to get things to 1v
Yeah sure thing, that's very clear, thanks all the same, cheers M
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