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Where do you obtain your Oakley front panels?
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Author Where do you obtain your Oakley front panels?
I'm wondering about making up the entire range of oakley panels (the metal work, not the electronics!) and keeping them in 'stock', in the interest of becoming a quick and easy source for them.

...but that's a fair bit of effort at this end, so id like to do some "market research" first.

Is this something that you think would be a good idea? They would be the black, 3mm parts - Tony's standard design, same as you would buy from fpd.

I'm not sure though - do people use the engraved panels, or do you use printed ones?

As i say, I'm happy to make up the entire range, but its a fair bit of work, and im not sure if there would be any interest - hence me asking here!

Thank you.

ps. this style of panel (& yes, i know its not the greatest photo) -

I get all my panels from Schaeffer (.fpd) files as supplied by Tony and amended as required (personal customisation) using the free front panel design software also provided by Schaeffer.
These panels are of excellent quality and are normally delivered within a fortnight, they are relatively expensive, approx £25-£30 for a 1U panel but you tend to get what you pay for in my experience. I've also designed my own panels in the same format and style for non oakley modules to give a consistent look and feel across my cabinet.
I personally appreciate the ability to be able to customise the panels and/or design my own in the same format so would want to retain that capability rather than a standard 'off the shelf' solution, however as with all things cost could well be a deciding factor.

Now if you could offer to do customised 19" rack enclosure front panel at a decent price you might have a niche market in the UK. The quote I got from Bryant was obscene so I compromised using a laminated printout stuck to the front. It's ok but not to the same standard as an engraved panel.
Hi there,

You asked about 19" panels, but im unsure what you mean?

Do you just mean this sort of stuff -

..or something else?

Cost wise, a 1u part from me that would cost, say, £35 from fpd generally works out about £25 from me, as a 1-off.

If there was reasonable interested in me stocking the entire range, it would be nice to get 1u panels to the £20 ish mark, which would be a really good saving over fpd, but then they would no longer be customisable, as they would just be pre-made, and sold off the shelf.

It seems like a good idea to me, but i just need to make sure i dont make the entire range, and then have to move the same panels around the workshop for the next 5 years until they sell! : )
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