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Analogue Solutions FUSEBOX
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Author Analogue Solutions FUSEBOX
Just came across this. Being in the market for a sub-$2000 mono I am pretty intrigued! 3 oscillator, lots of CV, interesting performance functions, that Analog Solutions sound (I hope). If Tom hits the 900 GBP price point I imagine he'll sell a lot of these.

Couple potential flaws for me. He mentions the sub osc being taken from osc 3. But what if you have osc 3 at LFO speed? Also, no quantizing option for either the sequencer or the transposer.

def looks cool. i like the non-quantized sequencer though. lots of opportunity there. seems like a potentially cool stand alone unit.
Looks and sounds cool to me.. And if the price will be 900 pounds + vat... well, thats a win in my book... What the price will be? 300-400 euros more than the Moog Mother? and you get that tons of thing? Win... love
chvad wrote:
def looks cool. i like the non-quantized sequencer though. lots of opportunity there. seems like a potentially cool stand alone unit.

Oh for sure, the non-quantized sequencer is great, but it would be cool to have a switch to quantize, even just to major/minor. But given all the patch points I'd probably keep this near the modular anyway, so I could patch in a quantizer. Its probably more important to have internal quantizing on the transposer, no patch points on that part. For me its a part of the workflow that I prefer to be as easy as possible, dialing in pitch with those little shafts can be frustrating.
true! a little toggle or two to have or not have some quantizing would have been fun.
Looks really good feature wise. Really looking forward to a video with real sound (hint hint!)
Man, his stuff always sounds so good!
Those standalone FX boxes look nice too. Glad to see things are going well for Tom.
no new news or anything but ive been really drooling over this. I love that it can be a little stand alone workstation synth. The upright form factor is really appealing to me.

Here's a little track I put together using only the fusebox. Was great fun, and I can tell you this synth is pretty miraculous. smile

More to come...
I've been following the Automatic Gainsay videos on this. I think this might be my first Analogue Solutions synth. That filter! Hnng. Dead Banana
I see parallels to the nyborg and semblance soundwise. I like this sound. Fuse Box adds some cool performance tools and some other features.

I like this package.
Nelson Baboon
it sounds really, really good. nice raw sound that can sound beautifully gnarly, and also can generate some nice bass register. An unusual feature set, which will take some practice. Clocking with midi note 0 seems like it could be pretty cool with a sequencer that can modulate that stuff in interesting ways, like the schrittmacher.

Damn thing looks great, too.
I picked one of these up and the build quality is less than spectacular. I'm curious, is there a 12 db non self oscillating filter that will slightly overdrive like the Fusebox that would get me into similar sonic territory but in a eurorack format?
what about the build is problematic for you?
chvad wrote:
what about the build is problematic for you?

Regardless of this discussion of the build, I'm still seeking input on getting a similar sound from my eurorack.

So the Fusebox is a 1500 dollar monophonic synth without a keyboard. Here are my gripes with the build quality.

1. The knob shafts rub against the face plate's holes, making them stiff and difficult to turn.

2. There are no nuts to secure the jacks to the face plate. The jacks aren't aligned well and I worry about the stress over time , as plugs are removed and inserted, on the security of the jack to the PCB.

3. The red switches feel really cheap, like they're going to fall out of the case.

4. I have a loud hum on the 1/4" output. I've checked the cable and no other synth that I have does this. I don't get any hum when connecting to the headphone output.

5. There is a LOT of bleed from VCO3 on my unit. It's annoying.

I understand this is a boutique product but for the price I feel like the build quality could be inline with the Beringer Model D that costs 1/5 the price. Am I asking too much?
I agree 100% percent.

I was really interested in this thing, and was shocked when I was able to actually play with one. The physical quality is very poor as noted, and I noticed some noise and hum as well, though it was pretty loud in the room I was in.

It felt almost insulting, tbh. Like they were building to a price point rather than for quality.
Sweet sound, for sure, but the AS stuff is too expensive for what it is ... and the design philosophy is verging on the luddite and cranky:


Fusebox features no presets – each sound is unique and created by the user!

There is no quantisation, stepping, or locking in by CPU.

LOL, no. Presets are not for using the factory patches, they're for storing your own... I really doubt the real analogue synths like the new DSI,Moog and others featuring presets and MIDI controllable parameters have "quantization, stepping and locking in by CPU", whatever "locking in" means. You might hear stepping if you're using external MIDI control because there are only 127 values to play with but there is no stepping when using the synth's knobs, because this is not the early 1990s anymore.
Moog no, DSI yes...
I'm still trying to figure out if I'm stuck using a Fusebox for that easy to get warm fat vintage sound. Do you guys / gals think their eurorack filter would get me there, or perhaps a Bubblesound SEM20, or an Oberheim SEM?
You're definitely better off with the Oberheim than the AS stuff.
Ill echo that sentiment. The SEM is beautiful and the OB6, IMO, really nails those vintage tones amazingly well.
I would look elsewhere for 'fat vintage' sound. Nothing wrong with the ASol sound. ASol synth voices are seemingly just rehashed versions of his original modules. The SEM was nothing like an Oberheim, except in module menu. The Vostok was cool but more of the same modules. Anything after that seems like deja vu.

I own six ASol modules and have used more along the way. For the money of the voice units, I would look around for voices that serve more possibilities.
@Mindmachine, thanks for the advice. It sounds like the Fusebox warmth comes from overdriving the mixer or the filter, not sure which is happening, but it's a pleasant sound. I found an Oberheim SEM patch panel, for almost half what the Fusebox cost. I'm certain the build on the Oberheim will surpass the Fusebox. I'll miss the patternator, and the amazing orange finish on the panel, but oh well.
Nelson Baboon
finding this thread amusing.

i don't know shit about how the individual sections of the fusebox were developed.

I like the sound of the thing. I enjoy turning it on and playing with it.

I'm not sure what the op is really looking for, but obviously a dsi instrument will have a more polished sound, and more of the usual features.

there is a pretty strong history of good semi-modular synths not having patch saving. I can't believe that people are trashing this instrument for that.
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