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Field Kit Sensor Interface
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Author Field Kit Sensor Interface

I recently got my field kit and am intrigued by the sensor interface. does anyone have any tips where and what kind of sensors are easy to hook up to this thing?

For instance, it's not entirely clear how I could hook this one up to the field kit:

I'm seeing 4 wires in that photo.

Any tips super appreciated!!
Bump for much-needed help!

The rest of the Field Kit is clear to me (and I *love* it), but the sensor signal part in the bottom right corner remains a mystery. It's also left out of most if not all of the demos I could find online. Did I miss a crucial demo or does it just not exist?

The Field Kit has CV over SW-radio and a mixer with filters. The speaker with the right feedback can create broken trumpet sounds that sound so organic- it's amazing, but engaging the sensor-part would be like the cherry on the pie!

Any insights greatly appreciated!
supairaru The documentation for that dust sensor has a schematic for that connector:

Pin 1: Vcc
Pin 2: Ground
Pin 3: Analogue voltage out
Pin 4: iLED Control

The iLED is control for an infrared LED that is a big component of the dust sensor. It's looking for a pulse train to control that LED. You could possibly use the LFO from the Field Kit, but that might be tricky.

Having pointed all of that out, I think that the types of sensors Koma had in mind are things like photocells and FSRs (based on their docs). It would be interesting to try that dust sensor, though. It certainly has me intrigued...
Thanks for that, Pulsewidth.

Still a way off attempting sensor working...
Ha, so am I: my Field Kit won't be shipping for at least a week!
You can use arduino and send data via PWM. At the exit give only condenser.
Not a huge revelation here but I used a photo resistor into the 9v control in set to pulse and it works great. Not very esoteric, but useful. I plugged a ti”t switch connected to a motor onto the switch in and it drives the motor, so u can use the 9v out for something else or another motor.
Hooked up a magnetic sensor from a bike computer and put the magnet around one of those frothy drink mixers to create gates. I also tied the magnet to a string and pendulummed it over the sensor as well as winding the string up and letting it unwind for some random gates.
Jus recieved my sensor kits and slider strip yeasterday. Building break out boxes is going to be fun. Ill post when I get some builds together. There are a few menu/mode button presses on a few of them so itll be good to mabe build some kind of interface for switching up. Really looking forward to diving in. Its pretty much a whole handful of modules at once.
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