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Almost forgot about these....
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Author Almost forgot about these....
metasonix oduction-of-just-4-units

Sold Big City the last 4 pieces (in 2013 I recall) but stuck My Little Pony stickers all over them FOR THE LULZ. BTW we can't make any more KV100s, no matter how much you beg or complain, thanks to discontinued parts (pots, relays etc) so these are the last ones available anywhere. It's also why we can't make S-1000 Wretches anymore.

yes, the price is outrageous compared to original. like that nos cwejman s1 mkII they try to sell.
At this point, the KV100 is not for the hoi polloi. Better that a famous underground celebrity buy one to add to their well-curated artisanal boutique collection. Schmucks like me are wise to buy what Metasonix currently sells.
I know everybody has their opinion,
but I will post mine here!

I have owned a Wretch, Assblaster, D-1000 & every yellow module.

Metasonix has always improved things.
It is a safe bet that the current modules in the proper configuration
with a patient performer will produce similar sounds than any of the previous models.......

AND for less $$$$
If you can afford to be a Collector.... GOOD FOR YOU! Metasonix!
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