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bending a tamron fotovix
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Author bending a tamron fotovix
hi to all! i've try a tamron fotovix III to convert positive or negative film on video output,anyone know if it's possible to hack this machine for glitching image?? how??

a friend game me a case full of some cool negatives that I have wanted to use with video synth stuff since I got it set up but I still haven't

I'm going to try with a regular camera first but this seems like it would be a pretty great solution to incorporating them

thanks for posting this up unfortunately I don't know anything about bending the unit
this is perfect for what you want to do!

and also for i want do smile
Blind Prophet
I have one and it's a constant video output so it sounds like it fits the bill for what you want. It's also back lit so you can do petri dish mini-oil shows and colorize them with the joystick. Pretty fun little tool for the price and the lens is decent on them.
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