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Bastl/Casper Soft Pop
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Author Bastl/Casper Soft Pop
Has anyone heard anything new about the Bastl/Casper Soft Pop? Videos from Superbooth and Cuckoo's documentary make it look/sound really great but I can't find anything since then. I think Peter originally said it would start shipping in May.
Been keeping an eye out for the Soft Pop, but haven't seen anything new since Superbooth. Bastl has a page for Soft Pop on their web site, so it can't be too far off. Always a good idea to tack on a couple extra months to any ship date mentioned at a trade show.
New video on YouTube and the direct preorder is now live. Trying to convince myself I don't need this!!!!! The audio input and 6 CV connections are so good!
Damnit, pre order starts the exact day i gave up waiting and spent the money i had saved for it on an 0-coast.

Ordered it anyway of course, the bitranger blew me away and i really want to see what casper has done as a synth.

The softpop kind of looks like an expanded benjolin which tracks v/oct and has a few other goodies thrown in, cant imagine much better, and im sure it will play great with the bitranger (and maybe 0 coast too if i have the scratch to keep it.)
It looks fun, but at 310 euros, it's going to be $350 here. Seems a bit pricey for an impulse purchase. Is the range of timbres going to be interesting after a few months?
^thats like saying you're going to get bored with the range of timbres in a sh101. And this thing is fully modular... I think you're convincing me!
Looks like the perfect Double Knot companion.
looks like great fun price is alright i think, just don't let the looks deceive you ith its speaker and stuff, though casper did some interm (or something) at hordijk, in a way it seems maybe too obvious influenced about that, but their isn't really any mystery behind how rob his stuff works( he explains it really well, something more makers could do) and also is easy to patch on the modular with right modules (sample holds/ shift register etc)
this looks like lot of fun, will speak to a bigger audience etc
what gives?
The filter sounds lovely to my ears. I'd like to know more about the specifics.

I wish it was even more designed for integration with eurorack. Not too crazy about the jumper cable patching. Overall it seems really cool though!
what gives? why do you say it's not designed for integration? It has 6 channels of 3.5mm eurorack connections. Or did you want everything with 3.5mm jacks?
what gives?
cliffemu wrote:
Or did you want everything with 3.5mm jacks?

Yes, please. And also a rackable front plate. (I am aware of the inputs on the back). Perhaps a soft pop module in the future?
it bugs me as well how often bastl decided to do away with electronics conventions.lots of neat looking / sounding stuff that would be a complete nightmare to integrate to my studio...
Header cable patching is quite popular now, there are a number of manufacturers offering this kind of interface, so in a sense bastl are not breaking away from conventions, and you can patch out to 3.5mm from the headers if I understand correctly.
Im not a fan of the header cable patching in general but in context with this and the bit ranger its pretty cool. The bit ranger is cheap and pocket sized but offers some pretty serious modular capability in its patch bay. I often use it live as a noise box in the band where i primarily play drums and have gotten a lot of use on vacation, both applications where a full size synth or modular would be impractical. It also offers enough 3.5mm connectivity to make it rrally fun in the studio with the larger gear.

But yeah, the header patch cable break and are not as fun for long patch sessions, i would not be interested in a full modular system equipped with them. In context its great though.

Im really looking forward to playing the softpop at shows.
Wonder if you could take this thing and use it's patchpoints with the Anywhere Instruments Tinysizer and the like. Seems like it would work.
Seems like all these header jack synths are pushed as moddable, and as such, I presume it would be super easy/fine to patch w other header items..
Last fall, I was really obsessing on the BitRanger. I wanted it, but couldn't quite get over how harsh it sounded. Same with the Kastle. The second I heard the softPop, I said to myself, "This is the one."

That was in like April. Now they are pre-ordering. Do I finish this last planned set of eurorack purchases or throw in for this?

The more I hear and read about it. The more I think I am going to throw in for it.

The interface makes it seem like the circuit routing does half of the creative work for you. Give it a clock and a set of pitches and you're off! At least, that is totally the way it seems...
what gives?
The filter tho

What is it?
The manual notes bandpass in one section. Cant wait to interact with this creature once released. Great blend of features ive been leaning towards lately.
what gives?
Hm OK.

Has it been released yet? Curious to see/hear more demos.
I also bought the 0-Coast and then put in a preorder for the Soft Pop. Should be shipping soon was the last thing I heard from them.
Sounds very Benjolin-like, though it's clear to see how it's gone in its own direction with microcontrollers. Still, since I have a Benjolin with bananas, I don't feel compelled to get this.
August ends tomorrow. Has anyone with a pre-order gotten a tracking number or anything?

I'm always paranoid about pre-ordering. I want to order the softPop, but I also want to know that they have really been manufacturing them and haven't hit some fatal flaw delay...
I emailed Bastl two days about the softpop shipping date since I needed to put in a change of address and they replied:

First batch will be sent this week

So yeah, still on schedule it looks like
Hey guys, Luke from Bastl Instruments,

softpops should have been shipped at the end of last week but we found out some production problems with aluminum enclosures, so we're waiting for new ones and they should arrive next week. We are ready and softpops are ready but the enclosure problem delays shipping.
Thank you for your patience.

Luke and Bastl crew
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