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Elite Modular Cases and Metasonix Modules
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Author Elite Modular Cases and Metasonix Modules
I'm considering purchasing this portable case from Elite Modular and was wondering about power. I will also likely be purchasing an RK3 & RK4 so naturally I was wondering whether the Make Noise busboard could handle the cold inrush load but also I've heard that the Make Noise bus boards are well, noisy! Seems like the best bet is to get the RKP power system and power the Metasonix modules separately but was wondering what you all thought. BTW, I am also considering getting a m336 case from Trogotronic which I know can handle the cold load from the RK3 & RK4 but unfortunately it won't fit as carry-on on most airlines.

Yes Powder
From Metasonix's website:
The Makenoise PBB is marginal, it should run one R or RK module, but just barely. Other MakeNoise supplies are doubtful; don't try it.
In this video, I was running the R-54 and Rk2 with two rows of modules in an Elite case with a Make Noise power supply with no problem.

Thanks. I'm aware of what the Metasonix site says about the MN board. I just wanted to hear experiences of actual users.
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