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Introducing New Shelf System!
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Author Introducing New Shelf System!
ADDAC System
Our ADDAC901M Monster Frame just got some new friends!

We thought it would be cool to be able to expand our favorite Monster Frame with some external gear, guitar pedals, drum machines, desktop synthesizers, compressors, racks, you name it. So we added these guys:

1. ADDAC901MS Monster Frame Shelf

The ADDAC901MS Monster Frame Shelf is top shelf to place any item you may think like guitar pedals, drum machines or desktop synthesizers. Ships with all necessary screws for assembly.

2. ADDAC901MS2 Monster Frame 2U Shelf

The ADDAC901MS2 Monster Frame 2U Shelf is a top shelf to place any item you may think like guitar pedals, drum machines or desktop synthesizers but it also comes with two areas which can host 2U rack hardware, place your rack lights, patchbays, sound cards, compressors ...
Also ships with all necessary parts for assembly.

Lets us know what you think!
These do look lovely! Sent an email further inquiring.
ADDAC System
We also added these to the fold: SlayerBadger!
that is nice!
I just got the 2u shelf, but I can't understand how to install it. It looks like it uses the hex screws from the original case to attach it, but those screws are too short to pass through the shelf width + the case width. Am I misunderstanding how it's installed, or is mine missing some longer screws that should have come with it?
It should have come with screws so maybe they forgot to include which would be a bummer if not somewhere in the shipping package.
@Corpus, you ever get this installed correctly with the longer screws from ADDAC?? Just checking to make sure you got it sorted out.
Does the shelf have a lip to prevent things from sliding off? Considering putting small studio monitors on this, but wouldn't want to do it without a lip.
It does not have a lip to prevent things from sliding off. I haven't experienced an issue with small items that have rubber feet though. I don't think it was designed to place heavy/big items on top of the shelf. Definitely not studio monitors or other euro rack cases. Small items are perfect, and another is to use adhesive velcro strips to your gear/top of shelf vs. rubber feet.
I was thinking about using Avantone MixCubes, that have a lower center of gravity, and are only 5" squares. I would use velcro, but maybe i'll stick to separate stands after all.

Thanks for the reply.
There's also a 3U option!!! I wrote ADDAC and inquired upon a 3U shelf-system which they were kinda enough to design/manufacture we're not worthy we're not worthy
This is perfect to add for example a ADDAC902 ASI 19" frames (or equivalent size) eurorack case expanding the 901M to basically 24U!!!
If interested, inquire ADDAC regarding the 'monads' 3U 901MS3 (3x3U Shelf System)!!

I wonder if they could install 197hp rails in the 3u shelf-system.
Maybe. But then you'd have to sort out the busboards/power for your modules. The current design is more flexible allowing options for racking equipment. For example, if the artist properly organizes a 3U eurorack case it could easily be removed/taken on the road for shows/whatever leaving behind their core setup. Installing 197hp rails only gains you 29hp vs. two 3U 84hp cases and isn't worth it in my opinion. It is a Monster case already after all cool
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