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First order - excited to build
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Author First order - excited to build
Eric the Red
Just placed my first order for some Oakley boards. Excited to get these projects started.

Any tips for a first time Oakley builder?
Not necessarily a tip but a comment;

I think you'll like building the Oakley modules. They were my first DIY projects and in some ways I got spoiled. The quality of the boards and particularly the pads are excellent. The screens are very easy to read and the documentation is well written and easy to follow. If I have any tip it would be to read the Builder's guide through thoroughly before starting on the projects.

I've built quite a number and variety of Oakley modules and have been happy with every one of them.

Support here in the Oakley section of Muff's is also really great and Tony has been quick to help me out when I've run into questions.

Good luck and enjoy the builds!
Eric the Red
Thanks Rich!

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