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Possible group buy Sifam S151 soft-touch collet knobs
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Author Possible group buy Sifam S151 soft-touch collet knobs
Hi guys/girls,

I've always been a big fan of Sifam knobs (well known from Clavia/Nord instruments), and I have an opportunity to buy a large quantity at a relatively good price (Sifam is always pricey). However, it's too much of an investment for my purposes alone, so I'd like to check if other people would be interested in joining a group buy.

This is the knob:

And these are the specs:
- type: collet knob with a nut tightening system underneath the top cover
- shaft size: 6mm, the tightening system works with D-shape shafts (flatted side), and knurled or plain shafts.
- size: 15.5 mm is the base diameter (becoming smaller towards the top)
- height: 14.3mm including cap
- depth: shaft disappears 7mm inside (or less of you choose to tighten it sooner)
- material: soft-touch! So it's not the hard plastic version of the S151, but contains an elastomere around the outside.
- color: black
- lining: white line on both the knob and the cap

These knobs are rather large for a tightly packed Eurorack surface, but very nice for controlling important parameters (such as filter cutoff, master volume, etc).

The deal:
2,- euro's per knob (cap included), excluding shipping costs
delivery time around 8 weeks, probably sooner
minimum number of knobs: 5 (this keeps the shipping effort manageable for me).

Let me know if you're interested, and if so, for how many. I'm hoping to decide within a week if there's enough interest to proceed and of course keep you updated on progress via this thread.



ps. If you're looking for more details on the knob, check the Sifam catalog for part number 3/02/S151 006 BK
Ha... no replies at all! Zip, zero! At least that's a clear answer, and I can go down a different route with these knobs.
I'd give it another shot next week. It is a major holiday here in the states.
Hi guys,

I've decided to buy a large batch of these knobs anyway, as they have the kind of quality I could enjoy for many future projects. In case anyone wants them, just PM me. Pricing and conditions will remain the same.


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