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Needles - 1U MIDI Controller & Yarns expander
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Author Needles - 1U MIDI Controller & Yarns expander
Hi all,

I'd like to introduce NEEDLES, a new module I designed. I'm sharing for feedback and to gauge interest.

What is it:
A fully customizable 1U MIDI Out Controller to work with any MIDI-to-CV interface or MIDI instrument. But paired with Mutable Instrument's Yarns it offers a whole set of specific controls eliminating almost entirely the need to menu dive and turning it into a powerful multi-track sequencer that can be edited, overdubbed and manipulated live. With Yarns it offers more than just basic MIDI control, but a method of sequencing and editing across multiple tracks.

Some are general to MIDI, most are specific to Yarns, and all can be customized to output any MIDI CC message for any MIDI-to-CV interface or synth

- 1U / 66hp / 25mm deep / pcb height 28.7 mm
- MIDI Out
- 1.5 octave keyboard
- Octave selection with LED indicators
- Rest, Tie, Slide
- Rest and Tie x 3 and x 7
- Portamento
- Legato on/off - (Trigger Velocity Scale on/off in 4T)
- Vibrato (Mod Wheel)
- Vibrato Speed (Oscillator Shape with Shift)
- Tuning System
- Velocity - (Trigger Velocity Depth in 4T) (can double as pitch bend)
- Arp Range - (RG in 4T)
- Arp Direction - (Trigger Shape in 4T)
- Arp Pattern - (RP in 4T)
- Fine tune - (Trigger Duration in 4T)
- Output Clock Division
- Trigger Gate Length
- Midi channel selector
- Shift button - Transpose, Latch and other functions
- Two segment displays - red for Midi channel, green for value feedback
- Various combo buttons to access and change functions

It runs on Atmega328p and Arduino code. I've been playing and testing it for a few months now, tweaking and experimenting with the layout. The hardware and software are solid but it's my version 1.0 and I still have some tweaks to make.

Videos below. Any feedback appreciated. Thanks!

Features and Overview:

4T Mode:

Sequence & Overdub:
PCB images:
this looks awesome! now ill have to add a 1u row to my next case....
This looks really cool - if I had a 1u row I'd be after it. Does it fit an intellijel 1u row?
It won't fit Intellijel as is.
Max pcb height for 1U using GieTec rails (like Intellijel 1U) is 22.5mm
Max pcb height for 1U using Vector Rails (like Pulp Logic tiles) is 28.7mm

I did 28.7mm. That extra 6mm height is quite significant. Right now the keyboard is really comfortable to play without feeling crammed..
Wow. Nice looking project.
I don't have any 1U rails in my case nor a Yarns, but this looks really cool.
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