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Latest (older) pics of my modular
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Author Latest (older) pics of my modular
Muff Wiggler
Haven't taken a pic in a while, and there's been a lot of growth

only thing I'm waiting for is 2 rows+1module of Wiard stuff that i'm hoping will be here soon

here's the rest of the frac rig for ya

sexseeeeeeeeee grin
:shock: Good lord almighty :shock:
Muff Wiggler
yep, and it's about to get a shitload bigger!
Muff Wiggler
updated with a fixed image link, because, as you know by now, Flickr is teh sUx0r3z

pic is still out of date though. I'm at 14 frac frames FULL of modules at the moment. new pics if i ever see my home (and thusly my synth) again
That's fucking sick man. Seriously... fuck a moog modular and a serge and a buchla, that motherfucker is THE BOMB! Inspiring for all of us I think... in hopes that one day when your modular is 3 full walls and ours might be the size of your monster....good days will be had by all. I'm trieng to stop thinking so much about frac gear for a second and worry about finishing my album, lol! Modular shit is so fucking fun... so easy to get baked and find yourself lost in the modular for EXTENSIVE PERIODS OF TIME!!!!!

I'm trieng to start samping everything I do and make even the one shot sounds work in a song. This modular thing is worse than when I had mono....just sick! wink

L8 everyone!!! smile
I don't even quite know what to say. As an aspiring blacet/frac builder, it's amazingly inspiring. I'd be thrilled if my system ends up 1/8th that size.
jumpin jiminy, it's beautiful! grin
Impressive..... grin What percentage, if any, are from kits?
Muff Wiggler
Alienation wrote:
Impressive..... grin What percentage, if any, are from kits?

good question - sad answer...

only just a few of the CGS ones did I build myself, all the Blacet I ordered pre-made. I barely have time to play my synth, let alone build modules these days cry

4 or 5 of my Blacet modules were ones I purchased second-hand however, and they were made from kit by the seller
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