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can you use audio to manipulate video?
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Author can you use audio to manipulate video?
i put audio signal from a mixer and in insert in my videomixer wj-mx10 but i'm not's hard to make vertical lines! how i can?
check out the Gieskes OSCope.
i know that,but i mean a diy solution
he has diy kits too.

but if you just input audio, you will get lines. you need very high frequencies for interesting shapes / colors. An oldskool tone generator can work pretty good.
it is possible to get diagonal lines. and some colors.
if you can make a sync generator (look for arduino sync) it will become more stable.
You need to oscillate at a very high speed to create vertical lines.

"In a video synthesizer, signals from the vertical frequency range (~30 Hz to ~15KHz) are used to modify signals in the horizontal frequency range (~15 KHz to ~6 MHz) to create patterns and shapes. Signals in the animation frequency range (less than the video frame rate, ~30 Hz) modify signals in the upper two frequency ranges to create motion. In order to create a a two dimensional pattern or shape on the screen, you need both a Horizontal signal generator and a Vertical signal generator in your patch. To put this shape into motion, changing or moving across multiple frames of video, you also need an Animation signal generator."
I've been able to on my 3trinsRGB1c+ there's 3.5mm inputs that receive either Audio or CV and I've been able to lightly manipulate. I'm still experimenting, I know all the LZX stuff is great for that and they have a patch or breakout for the 3trinsRGB1c.
You can make an oscillator that does vertical lines from something like a PLL 4046 ic.
This can be synced to the horizontal sync signal. Without syncing your oscillator to the horizontal sync signal, it will be difficult to make steady vertical lines.
XR2206 function generators and VCOs will also get into the low mHZ range.
I heard that the Sinc Iter from noise engineering will make vertical lines...It has a huge octave range....huge...
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