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[Shipped+Closed] Elka Synthex 3320 VCF Clone
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Author [Shipped+Closed] Elka Synthex 3320 VCF Clone
A Voltage Controlled Filter based on the ELKA Synthex VCF. All Files, BOM, Gerbers are free available at
Further details at:
I offer

  • PCB Set (Panel/Control/Main) - 25 Euro
  • Full Kits or a DIY Build Module may also possible. ASK

Shipping will be 5 for Germany and 13 for the rest of the world. Otherwise have a look at the gerbers and do it yourself.
Please send me a PM with your adress, email and username and quantiy

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Hi just finished this baby. Its based on the Elka Synthex Filter which enables you to use it either in 2Pole or 4Pole Mode, while the first two poles can be switched from LP to HP. So basically you get alot of diffrent filter responses. A demo can be found on Youtube. As known (and hopefully it works out better than my icarus project OpenCem) I will post schematics and ready to fab gerbers, which are free for evryone. Donations welcome and I will make a small run of PCBs and Panels, for evryone who is not comftable by producing from gerbers.

[/video]By the way its temperature compensated and the switch at the top fixes resonance at toplecvel. This way its a pretty good sine VCO. The chip I used is from Erica Synths and cost about 15 bucks

Specs 10HP wide, 40 mm deep, no wiring- 1 Circuit PCB, 1 Control PCB, 1 PCB panel

And in the middle of the vid I forgot to open the FM Attenuator, thats why i was a little bit guessing. I found it at 3:38 and therefore the first jack works as expected.
Nice one ... if you make some pbc and panels I would be very keen to get some smile
I will wait and see how many are interested. If there are 10 people in, I will do a run.

I would price it at 25€ for a 3 PCB (Panel/Control and Main PCB)

PM me and ill make a list. Payment if the proposed goal is reached. (10 Sets)

And I forgot a further feature. There is a jumper on the back which if removed opens up two contacts to plugin something colouring into the resonance path. Something for experiments
2 in 8 to go for me to do a run
What about the VC Slope on the video ? Mr. Green
I have one build unit for sale on ModularGrid. Otherwise I wont share, since I am aware that it is to 95% not my own design. Its basically CGS75 (Bananalog)
updated first post with links pictures etc
What happened to your vco? I was gonna build one of those....

I might grab This, let me listen smile

I like your style and would like to support you
Yeah OpenCem was a lesson to learn. Complexity killed this thing, having loads of trouble with the new boards and spend time and 120 euro on three half working modules really killed my spirit. Then my hard drive crashed and i got confused with the files. This is a one man show, and my main motivation is to share my work instead of letting it rot on my hard drive, to provide information,ideas and design for all the guys who are not very well backed with shitloads of money, as am I. As said a valuable experience in keeping things simpler.

Dogma your comment is very appreciated!

BTW, is the sound of the recordings ok? Or would people prefer hq audio files without a vid.

In addition I want to stress that this thing is a very precise sine vco, it tracks extremly well and has really low distortion over the whole 10 Octave range. None of my other filters can actually do this that well. I use it a lot for FM with other vcos. I think that function is as valuable as the filter.
Datasette wrote:
Otherwise have a look at the gerbers and do it yourself.

how please?

link is not working (registered to the host and link says error access denied)
it should? but i only used bitbucket as private host before. I post an alternative in a few minutes

It was set to private ups? Now working?
I will absolutely take a pcb/panel we're not worthy
I have you on the list GryphonP3. It would be good if all buyers PM with address and mail. Ill write you if and when it gets started. I am unsure if the links are working if not i will deal with it tommorow.

I am also interested in PCB swaps, if someone has designed something cool. It would be accepted as payment aswell.

I further want to know if one of you guys is inerested in my 4HP Power solution. I can share that aswell. Its +12/-12/+5 with 1.2A per rail based on PTN78000 Series. Its powered by a laptop dc wallwart. My system is running with it, but no guarantees that it will no do any harm, or catch fire or anything like that. Just to be sure.
Datasette wrote:
it should? but i only used bitbucket as private host before. I post an alternative in a few minutes

It was set to private ups? Now working? its working,thanks!
I take 1 set.
Puzzler can you please send me a PM with your mail your adress,quantity

6 sets still but we are getting there soon. I will meanwhile order these sets as I am pretty sure the goal will be reached,

One set for me too, please thumbs up

If someone already used the files there is a minor bug that C14 has reversed polarity. It looks right on the schematic but if you pull it out of position you will note the mess. resonance becomes smoother and less whistling.

Files are corrected in a minute.

I will post a updated demo, no great difference. Just a bit smoother and wetter resonance.

Corrected! As a hint for all builders, the value of this capacitor iinfluences, besides the trimmer the resonance. Values between 1 and 10uF seem reasonable. Since it is a Elco in the audio path i would recommend to use NICHICON MUSE Series. I havent myself for the demos, but tried and it is definately an improvement.
I've ordered ten sets and selected fast FEDEX shipping. If there is no trouble with customs, they should make it by the end of next week. I will actually solder one myself before sending them out, to ensure that these boards work.

For all already on the list. I would request payment in about 1.5 weeks. There are still three sets available
im in what the hell
I've sent evryone on my list a mail. Please PM if you have not recieved it or i made a mistake in the adress section. As written boards should arrive wednesday and I will prepare shipping now
paid Miley Cyrus
PCB and Panel arrived today, Thank you ...
PCB/Panel arrived today in Sweden! t thumbs up
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