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Befaco BF-22 DIY
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Author Befaco BF-22 DIY
So I just built the Befaco BF 22 filter, and I am having an issue. Hopefully some of you may be able to help. I searched the rest of the DIY section and nothing really came up addressing my problem. I also checked online, went through the troubleshooting, and double checked everything. I couldn't find a solution.

So the module powers up perfectly, no smoke, or any power related problems. It passes sound through it (at fairly low level even with input gain cranked), the switches work between hp and lp, and the cv works. The problem is the filter and the res basically do very little and act wonky. I cannot get it to self oscillate, thus I can't calibrate it (though i tried). I have been through all the troubleshooting guides. I have double checked all resistors (twice before even placing them, and twice since),diodes, capacitors, etc, no polarities are switched, nothing burned out, all ICs are properly placed. I followed the build directions to a T and I have never had a failed build. I am curious what the solution here is, or if there is one.

I have no clue what the issue is. All solder points have a connection, no bridges, or cold joints. I have no clue what the deal is. If someone has any ideas I would love to hear them.

Sorry for the big wall of text. Any help from fellow wigglers would be much appreciated.
I've just completed one and the left channel of mine is faulty as well, is yours the latest pcb version.3?
I have the same issue - not sure why.
I'm using PCB version 3.3 Both pass audio fine, and the filters work, there's just not enough resonance to calibrate. There is a bit, just not enough.
If all else fails, befaco offers a "happy ending" package - you pay 55EUR, send your module to them and they will fix it and send it back: ING&results=35

That said, I finished soldering my BF-22 yesterday but haven't powered it up yet - my anxiety is up now that I read this thread, will try later tonight.
Shoot, my left channel has exactly the same issue. Did a bit of volt-metering with the same signal patched to both channels to find any glaring difficulties, but could bot make out anything consistent. I double-checked all parts and soldering points to no avail - will mail befaco about this thread and check whether they have an idea.

bertolt wrote:
If all else fails, befaco offers a "happy ending" package - you pay 55EUR, send your module to them and they will fix it and send it back: .

Hmm... maybe a smart offer but if all those modules lack the same fault, for example missing or wrong trace somewhere on the PCB this isn't the nicest solution.
Maybe someone send his module in and report any noticable fixes here... may save some people a few bucks... wink
The Happy Ending is something I have been thinking about adding to my own products, but we still offer email support for free - will have to see if they also do that.
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