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Addac VCC ideas
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Author Addac VCC ideas
I'm new to Euro, in general, bUT the Addac VCC Is one of the reasons I took the plunge. I have yet to purchase a VCC (or two, or five), but I have a few concepts that I want to run by seasoned users. If there are better/cheaper alternatives, please let me know. Preparing for roasting:

Mirrored Quadra EG (for polyphonic synthesis) with encoder control (adhsr)
convolution of incoming signals
scale output per dedicated key (e.g. C4 sends pitches and gates for Cmsus4 while D# sends Dmaj7)
Ensoniq-style transwave oscillators
Neutral networks a large Hartmann Neuron
Video Synthesis applications?

Lemme know. Thanks.
Paranormal Patroler
I'm sorry to say that VCCs appear in the BST sometimes but they are no longer available for sale from ADDAC anymore. Not sure if any shops even have these for sale. You can check the Rebel Technologies Owl as an alternative though!
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