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Any Korg EX-800 owners about?
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Author Any Korg EX-800 owners about?
I have an EX-800. I think i was given it years ago.

Its seen very little use in my ownership, as the buttons are grim.

Im considering putting the whole thing into a 1u rack mount, with the HAWK-800 and AtomaHawk boards, and the 'slayer' mods.

This should all be fairly easy, the only real irritation being the dispays, but that's not that bad.

I find that desktop units, especially where interface isnt so important, are just an irritation in a confined environment.

So, two questions -

a) does this seem like a good idea?


b) would anyone else want a panel / want to get involved

For point (b) im looking for motivation as much as i am a sale!

For the panel, i would keep the parameter table, but shrink it down, and add some proper, aesthetically continuous, knobs for the mods. As with all my mods, i like things to look "factory".
Hey Julian,

I have a EX800 in the middle of my desk since WAY to long.

it is not mine, i had it to install a mod. I had a test run with it - then it wasn't used for a while.
i started modding it (filter mod ) ... and it hasn't started since. bummer. i haven't managed to spend some quality time with it in a while - and am looking for motivation too wink

wouldn't be up for a 1U version .. but yes for the motivation ahah
Hey Julian,
I've owned my EX-800 for 32 years!
I used it a lot in the eighties as an extra voice, but it has been laying in storage for over 20 years.
My recent dive into modular synthesis and electronics made me want to explore it and modify it as part of my electronics education
It's a work in progress, but you can hear that it's a much more interesting and versatile synth now.

Installed so far:
Filter Frequency and Resonance potentiometers (Moog Slayer)
12db-24db/Oct Filter slope switch
Filter frequency CV input
Chorus Speed, intensity and Feedback Controls.

Since shooting this video, I've changed the delay chip to a MN3207 which has a longer delay time for more interesting effects, and added a delay time control.
I also replaced all the microswitches, but I'm still looking for decent caps.
I think that the HAWK project is interesting, but I wouldn't spend so much money on this old machine. I prefer the more limited DIY approach.
Good luck!
I kind of figure the money only really matters if you are thinking of re-sale.

At present i do not use the machine at all. If i spend a bit on the hawk mod, and the mods, and the case, the machine will get used.

For $100, or whatever the hawk stuff costs, plus the other parts, i hope to end up with a nice sounding synth.

Some cheap stuff sounds good. I dont think the device in its stock form is great, but with the mods, it sounds pretty good, i think.

One question -

Im really not into mods that require reboots and stuff - i like things to work properly.

Do any of the standard mod set cause any issues at all?
I believe the AtomaHawk mod includes the "Moog slayer" and FM mods, and puts them under CPU control as part of the patch. So if you do the AtomaHawk mod you probably wouldn't want to also include the pots for the more basic version of the mods (which I think is just replacing the internal calibration trim pot with an external pot).
Thank you

It seems i should read some more!
Yep, hawk includes all and more, but he only ships twice a year so be prepared for a wait. It works though, and my poly 800 2 is very happy with it.
Certainly if you got it for free, upgrading is worth the price.
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