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S&H droop?
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Author S&H droop?
Hi, is this too much of a droop?

thanks, Michael.
Perhaps a little more droop than my one - which is an issue 5 - but it's probably working as it should be. Analogue sample and hold - particularly one that's designed to work over a wide range of clock frequencies - is going to suffer from droop. And controlling a VCO, especially one in tandem with another not connected to the sample and hold, is going to produce noticeable pitch droop.

The 10nF hold capacitor could be increased if you want less droop but this does reduce the maximum clock frequency that the unit will work with. You may also need to increase the acquisition time - that's the time the sample/hold chip is actually sampling the input. A bigger hold capacitor needs a bigger acquisition time. This can be altered on the module by replacing one (or two for issue 5) capacitor(s).

Pitch droop can also be fixed (over a moderate time span) by using a quantiser on the output of the sample and hold module but since many quantisers have sample clock inputs it makes sense to use the quantiser module on its own. One of these days I'd like to do a quantiser module.

Hi Tony!
Sure, this kind of setup is prone to expose any pitch changes.
That was just for testing after running a more "traditional" patch and noticing the pitch going flat.
Aynway, I'm not concerned about my S&H, maybe I'll upgrade at some point,
but I'm fine. And having some "benchmark statement" puts things in perspective.
PS: it can be much worse: the keyboard S&H of the ancient "Max Brand Synthesiser"
(a custom Moog modular built 1966-68) I worked with three years ago was rather dropping the pitch than holding it.
As if I patched in an SR-envelope for the VCOs. hihi
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