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Could anyone help me troubleshoot this circuit please?
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Author Could anyone help me troubleshoot this circuit please?
I have the schematics for the Mutant BD and a multimeter. The distortion part of the circuit works fine, but the bass drum does not. how do I begin troubleshooting?
First order of business is to check the power supply voltages all around the board. Check the supply pins of all the op amps, and the output of the 5V regulator.

If all that checks out, then it's time to start using detailed knowledge of the circuit to look for problems.
I notice you also posted on the Hexinverter subforum which is the best place to ask. I'd suggest you also this add this question over there too, then you've got all the feedback in one thread

In general, for any circuit as Cygmu points out check the power around the board. Double check your components are in the right place and are correctly orientated (electrolytics not in backwards etc etc). Check your soldering for bridges (where you may have accidentally joined two pads together) and dry joints (where the solder is not actually joined to the board creating an intermittent conection when the board or component moves)

If that doesn't work then you need to start learning about the circuit. For example on a drum module, is it the trigger circuit or the voice that doesn't work.

edited to add: when you've done a little investigate, post some observations (on the other thread) that way it's a lot easier for people to recognise the problem and help you

Hope that helps...

d'oh! I'd gotten too confident, rushed ahead and placed a 3904 where the LM78 should've gone confused

Pitch is screwed now though, it only goes as low as a snare or so. I wonder if not having the LM78 in fried a component linked to the Pitch hmmm.....

I still need to learn how to read schematics and properly test circuits though, I feel like I'm painting by numbers at the moment, which I am. I guess it's going to be a long term thing that goes hand in hand with learning electronics. Currently reading Floyd's Electronic Devices, hopefully should stand me in good stead.
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