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4ms DLD knob source?
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Author 4ms DLD knob source?
Hi I just got a 4ms DLD and I changed the panel out for a grayscale panel. I also bought rogan knobs from thonk I wanted to put on, so I wasn't very careful when removing the generic davies knobs off the DLD. Well I ended up losing one and the replacement rogan knobs don't fit because they face the opposite direction of the davies ones that do fit.

Anyone know a source for the same exact knobs 4ms use for the DLD? Also, is it possible to get D shaft knobs that face a specific direction, like with the pointer facing the flat side of the 'D'?

Thanks a lot
worst case just contact 4ms for a replacement knob?

I only use D-shaft knobs that having the pointer on the curved side, so I can't help you there.
Are they these ? s%2F450-4760%2F&qs=J4wJDGtbthoFgTzq4MR8dw%3D%3D
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