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Motm 440 pot advice
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Author Motm 440 pot advice
Blake Smith
Hey there,

I'm in the process of finishing off an MOTM 440 filter but I still need a few parts and I'm wondering if anyone knows how important it is to stick with the spectrol 149 cermet 100k pot or if I could sub a bi tech p260 type pot. The spectrol pots are available but ungodly expensive, and I'm not sure what would be lost in performance without it.

The bitech ones are the recommended ones to use these days.
If Dave Brown recommends them, use 'em. They've got really smooth action, too.
Blake Smith
Thanks for the feedback. I've got the bi tech pots in my other motm filters, they're definitely nice feeling pots. I just wanted to make sure there wasn't something special about the spectrol 149 need for the application, or if it is just a case of the parts list being from a time when they didn't cost 20 bucks a pop.
P260Ps all the way.

Unless Paul spec'd all Bourns for the module (e.g. the MOTM-800).

The P260P's fit the footprint; the Bourns don't really (again, except for any where Paul spec'd all Bourns), and require some workarounds to fit.

Edit: in case you have *any* doubts, I had this conversation with Paul himself recently -- I'm building a stack of 25 MOTM modules for someone -- and he agreed that the P260P's were the way to go. Also for any modules were some with lugs were specified, just use pot chicklets instead smile
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