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Replicating a rotary switch using switch IC's - doable?
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Author Replicating a rotary switch using switch IC's - doable?
So I am currently working on a module that needs a 4 pole 3 way switch with 2 decks. So altogether that = 24 total connections. It's basically the equivalent 8 SPDT switches all switched by one master switch. I can't find anything on mouser (or anywhere) that is either in stock, cost's less than $50, and or is not gigantic. This is my first time working with a rotary switch anywhere near this complex, so it's certainly possible that I don't know where to look or that I don't fully understand the terminology.

So I'm now looking into secondary options - Thinking of using something like 2 x TS3A5018RSVR which are 4 x SPDT switches on 1 IC. The plan is to just send a logic high signal from a toggle switch and flip all 8 switches on the two IC's at once.
Anyone have experience doing this? Good Idea? Bad idea? Anything obvious I'm missing or not understanding here?
The main electrical differences with electronic switches is a higher, and not constant, switch resistance and the signal level is most often limited to the supply voltage to the switch. If this is a problem or not depends on the application.

The TS3A5018RSVR can handle 3.6V but if you need a little more voltage a CD4053 can be used up to 18V. Digikey has hundreds of quad switches that can handle +/-15V or more.
Another option is to use 4 DPDT relays. They are more expensive than IC switches but are electrically more like a rotary switch but still much less expensive. However, they can use a lot of coil current unless you go for latching relays.
Thanks for the tips. Didn't realize the TS3AXXXXX could only handle 3.6v. Yeah thats not gonna work d'oh! .

CD4053 looks interesting, used the 4051 before, didn't realize there were other members of the family. Only 3 switches per chip though. DG333 has 4 switches and goes rail to rail as well.

Never worked with relays before, do you have any recommendations on some that might work in a eurorack enviornment?
do you have a schematic of what this is going into? your original post mentions 2 x 4P3T, which would be a few chips if you need all 3 throws.
switches tend to be pretty expensive, and this one is 25$, but thats reasonable for such a chunky item:

shorting, 1/4" shaft: MZZMvNbjZ2WlReYhndqMY8foDIiHdkf6koWv0%3d

non-shorting, 1/8" shaft: MZZMvNbjZ2WlReYhndqMY8foDIKxuiKrqkQxI%3d
pre55ure wrote:
DG333 has 4 switches and goes rail to rail as well.

This looks like a good candidate. It can handle your supply voltages directly and have internal level shifters for the control signals so it simplifies the design. The cost is higher than a CD4053, but on the other hand you save on a couple of voltage regulators to drop the supplies down to what a CD4053 can handle so maybe the system cost isn't that different.

I don't have much personal experience working with relays, but many have 12V coils so they should work in Eurorack and are small enough to be pcb mounted.
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