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Befaco Rampage build issue.
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Author Befaco Rampage build issue.
I've just built my second Rampage and it doesn't respond like the first.
When the shape knob is set to centre it doesn't give out a clean triangle wave.
In addition, it doesn't calibrate, the trimmer doesn't respond to any movement/adjustment.
Having another module that does respond correctly I've swapped over the back board and found that the fault lies on the back board. The A and B channels respond or don't respond in the same way so the issue must be common to both sides ie comparator area of circuit. All TL074s have been swapped out with no change.
I'm sure there are a lot of obvious places, circuit wise that I've overlooked but I've gone over the joins again and checked traces and solder points for shorts.
Understanding that these sort of questions spur on debates about other modules and soldering irons and solder types and, the list is endless, this is a simple request so please try not to drift off topic.
Thanks all, I look forward to having egg on my face because I've overlooked something really simple. help
False alarm, After studying the response curve on the scope I narrowed it down to not stage they had in common but a component. Turns out I had the wrong caps in C20-22.
Tiredness can kill, or at least kill around 3hrs of your Sunday morning.
But you learned something right? grin

Honestly though, I have had a couple of builds made on a friday evening fail miserably, me staring at them intently (didn't make the problem go away). Build up a new board and working fine. Tiredness kills indeed.
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