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Hakko808 setting for Roland Boards
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Author Hakko808 setting for Roland Boards
DIY repair gurus we're not worthy

I got a Hakko808 from Japan, don't ask why, since I have to run it on 100V, anyhoo reading the manuals it said it should be set between 1-2 for single sided boards.

I experimented with an old Panasonic portable radio (Matsushita) , desoldering the components at about 1.7 (I don't have the Hakko deslodering temperature monitor/tester).

What should the setting be for 1980's Roland Gear, i have to Work on a SH101 resonance slider and a MC202 (volume) pot.

Also, since many of you are have seen hundreds of these. What's the best way to quickly remove the the solder on the pad of the potentiometer's mount "legs"

From experiment I have done the following and they work but not fast
put some flux on the pad/anchor, apply the iron, then solder sucker, clean with copper braid.

Would the above work with the Hakko808 or would the extra flux damage the tip/jam it?

I have a Hakko vac gun (not identical to yours, but obviously similar)

Im very much a a subscriber to the idea of running it on the highest temp it has, and keeping the contact time reduced.

I find lower heat = more time = more convection = more heat where i dont actually want it.

So more is less. Or something like that.

I frequently (as in more often than not) add fluxed solder to the joint before using the gun. Especially if its lead free (ill add lead solder). This, again, means less time trying to get contact with the gun tip, although the down side is more cleaning of the gun.

ive had the gun years and years, and am still using the original tip

you will find that the inside of the tip get gradually worn, where you move it round on component legs, but, other than that, ive not found an issue.

....but then i dont find an issue with iron tips either, but some people seem to need to change them every other day.
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