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Part Number for Momentary Pushbutton for Eurorack
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Author Part Number for Momentary Pushbutton for Eurorack
Hi, I am looking for a momentary pushbutton part that is suitable for Eurorack. I am using KiCad for the board layout, so something that has an available KiCad footprint is preferable, but all suggestions are very much appreciated.

how about this one? waQj14sXP9tOtcg==
Would preferably be looking for something cheaper. Backlit is not a necessity. Just something really basic to get the job done.
thegrinch wrote:
Hi, I am looking for a momentary pushbutton part that is suitable for Eurorack.

What qualities does a button need to have to be "suitable for Eurorack"?

I was looking a few days ago at more or less that same one adam linked - I think it's the same model used in the Mutable Instruments Clouds, and one nice thing about it is that it's the right height to go through a panel when the panel is 12.7mm from the circuit board, as might be the case when there are other things like jacks that size sandwiched in between. But depending on the other things in your design, that might not really be the height you want. And it's pricy, and I'm not sure, playing with the button on my Clouds, whether it really has the feel I want for a trigger button, and that may be important.

Another possibility I was looking at was Cherry keyswitches. They need keycaps and those may take some finding if you want a lot of them all the same shape and the same print or blank (i.e. not a set for replacing a PC keyboard). Illumination is possible but not so easy - needs both a less-common model of the switch and a special keycap. But keyswitches are cheap, and they come in a selection of different feels. It's all about teh feels.
Oh, further - I have a Kicad footprint for the Cherry MX keyboard switch (basic version, no LED, diode, or jumper). I have not fabbed a board with it, and can't offer guarantees, but it's pretty straightforward to check the footprint against the data sheet and see that it matches the specs there. Let me know if you want a copy.
latigid on
OP, what size/length do you want?

Ubiquitous 6mm type:

C&K/IT schadow D6

I'm designing a sequencer with illuminated Matias mech switches at the moment. They are subjectively better than the CherryMX type but it's very hard to find keycaps for them at the moment. The actual switches are huge and very tall, so consider that when designing a panel.
I designed a board which included 6mm Tactile switches and found part 8 of Ashley Mills' 12-Part KiCad tutorial really helpful, as he takes the time to design a footprint for a 6mm tactile switch.

Yes, you can probably find one somewhere, but it's handy to know how to design them yourself.
I really like these rafi buttons

but i would avoid these because they sometimes fail to activate (kind of hit or miss construction on these from my experience)

*oh yeah, these rafi's would have to be panel mounted and you have to watch out that you have the clearance for their shaft. but they feel really nice for momentary. I've used em to modify the analog4 function button location
latigid on
The 6mm and TL1100s are also pretty shoddy. The 3FTH9 series from Apem (formerly MEC) are good and have a lot of cap options (including illuminated)
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